Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Thunderf00t busts Stephen Colbert on GamerGate "free pass"

In the sub-culture of Internet Gaming - a battle has been waged for months now.  It is called "GamerGate" and it was started by an relatively opportunistic young Canadian (self-identified feminist of Iranian ancestry) called Anita Sarkeesian.

Thunderf00t - not noted as a Republican supporter - calls-out Stephen Colbert/Comedy Central for "slow-pitching" Feminist victim Anita Sarkeesian and shows how hypocritical he was when compared to other guests. In establishing if this is unfair/uncalled for criticism it is important to note that this segment on their YouTube Channel is the only one where they have DISABLED comments! (beep, beep - BS RED FLAG!)

Here is link to COMMENT DISABLED Stephen Colbert segment on Comedy Central Channel.
Do us all a favour and DOWN-VOTE.

In another stunning "volt-face" Sarkeesian HERSELF contributed to the elitist "gang-tackle" on Colbert himself after the deliciously elitist Suey Park launched the #CancelColbert hashtag and made insane accusations towards Colbert.

And here is Thunderf00ts backgrounder (Anita Sarkeesian BUSTED!) on Sarkeesian's victimololgy - where he accurately deconstructs her misrepresentation - which is a pretty good clue to why Sarkeesian also disables COMMENTS ALL THE TIME!

Finally - Sarkeesian has yet to provide any compelling evidence that ANY of these supposed threats are for real.  (And lest you believe this impossible - please recall last years incident involving University of Wyoming campus feminst Meg Lankers-Simon.  And this suspiciously similar incident at Queen's University in Kingston Ontario - with the apparent complicity of the supposedly "independent" local media.)

Current AVFM reward offered for ID'g Sarkeesian's malfactor.

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