Monday, November 03, 2014

"Street Harassment" - 1951 and now

This picture was from 1951 - and an article describing it is here.

This is in contrast to the disproportionate indignation over the elitist mewling from the clitterati about the deliberately staged "Hollaback" video (and is it me or do all these offensive antagonisms now HAVE TO HAVE a commercial angle?)

It is a major blessing we were not subjected to the full 10 hours of NOTHING - but as this pundit noted "2 mins out of 10hrs?" hardly seems worth the trouble.

Mollie Hemingway make the following point:
Because men have natural desire for women, this gives women some power. Power is difficult and at times scary to hold, certainly, and it causes all sorts of imbalances, but women hold it so long as men desire us. Women should be given some tips for how to effectively manage this power we have.  That’s part of what growing into womanhood is about.

If we instead take the feminist line that compliments are basically the equivalent of sexual harassment, that removes our power and turns us into victims.
Men properly pursuing women and women effectively managing the power they hold in sexual dynamics is what civilization — and the perpetuation of humanity — is all about. So let’s learn how to enjoy what’s great about the natural sexual dynamics in play here while inculcating virtue and modeling good behavior. No one but the most boring Progressive Puritans want a world without flirtation. But if we’re going to have a world where men and women are free to flirt and have fun with each other, we’ll have to make sure we have a sexual ethic that makes sense and keeps our worst tendencies in check.

.. and of course the parody.

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