Sunday, June 01, 2014

Feminist Lies or Gilding the Lilly?

Sex Trafficking icon - Somaly Mama - revealed as liar.  It appears that she was never trafficked from her village at a young age as many from her village have confirmed that she arrived with her family - contrary to her autobiography.   How she made it to Phnom Penn is also in doubt.

Simon Marks began his investigation when he could not find any official confirmation of 8 murders alleged by Ms Mam.  He also discovered some former supposedly trafficked young women who admitted to have been coached on deceptions by Ms Mam.

Mr. Marks suggested that the "slippery truth" was created to encourage millions of dollars of donations for fundraising by Ms. Mam's Foundation.

CNN report says many were "fooled" by Ms Mam including former U.S First Lady Michelle Obama, U.S Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, current Secretary of State John Kerry, actress Meg Ryan, Susan Sarandon, Angelina Jolie, NYT columnist Nicholas Cristof.

I suggest they were all intentionally gullible and willing dupes who uncritically allowed themselves to be misled to underwrite the false narrative of helpless and ruthlessly oppressed women that so conveniently fits their personal and professional personas.


Also in a similar vein - noted African-American spoken-word Poet Maya Angelou died this week at age 86.   She was known to have fabricated certain aspects of her autobiography and hence helped coin the genre "autobiographical fiction"

How many lies does it take to raise a BIG red flag?

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