Saturday, April 19, 2014

Is Bill C560 in trouble?

It is half-empty or half-full?

I recently read that Federal Liberal Justice Critic - MP Sean Casey - stated  he will NOT be supporting Bill C560 on Third Read on May 7.  Here is his comments from Second Readings Debate.   Of course this is consistent with former Liberal positions. The last time the Liberals were in power their Justice Minister - Martin Cauchon - said:
"Estranged parents have no rights when it comes to their children -- they only have responsibilities"
He ascended to the position after Edmonton MP Anne McClelland vacated the post after doing the spade work of burying the all party, Senate-House "For the Sake of the Children" Committee Report who came up with the Shared Parenting recommendations.

The NDP Justice Critic - MP Francoise Boivin, Gatineau also sent a disappointingly similar message during debate a few weeks back.

Both opposition representatives gave no hint if this will be an "open" (conscience) matter or whether it will be "whipped" by the respective parties.  Which leaves all hope on the Conservatives but given comments attributed to MP Peter Mackay - the actual Minister of Justice - I am now concerned about an adequate  Conservatives turnout in a vote.

Here is article at the CEPC (Canadian Equal Parenting Council) about the challenges.

Next Parliamentary Debate is May 7.

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