Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Thought Crimes - v2014

Yesterday the Toronto Public Library Board announced the results of its Annual Book Ban Review (?)  They were pleased to announce that they did NOT accept that well-loved Dr. Seuss classic "Hop on Pop" represented "violence against fathers" as had been claimed by an anonymous critic.

In fact they rejected all 7 requests - including Lizzy’s Lion, a 1984 rhyming picture book that features a girl’s pet lion eating a robber.

Both seem consistent with the stupidity of the feminist "Ban Bossy" Campaign.

And apparently this book - Cásate y Sé Sumisa (Get Married and Be Submissive) by Constanza Miriano only available in Italian - is based on the teachings of St Paul that the perfect wife is loyally obedient. But it's caused outrage amongst feminists, with some calling for the book to be banned because they say it promotes gender violence.

Is it just me - or do you see a TREND here?

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Female Sexual Predators finally being recognized?

Shocking U.S News story of 42 year-old Teacher who performed a lap-dance for her 15 year-old male student as a birthday present in class!    Former landlord adds that she had another relationship with former male student now 21.

These should be BIG "red flags" indicating sexual predation at work.

Will anyone notice?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Alienated Dad leaves suicide note - ex-wife gets restraining order on reposting

C.M.'s ex-wife is legally perusing anyone who has re-posted his Suicide note from Dec 29 2013 in which he describes how he was crucified in Family Court, bankrupted in the process and completely alienated from his 2 young children.  It is a terrible story.

To me this is control crazy extraordinaire.

In the spirit of supportin this man - I have created a mirror of all of this material in order to protest her attempt to silence a man's pain.

Here is letter (spliced below)

Redacted to protect his children.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Is Bill C560 in trouble?

It is half-empty or half-full?

I recently read that Federal Liberal Justice Critic - MP Sean Casey - stated  he will NOT be supporting Bill C560 on Third Read on May 7.  Here is his comments from Second Readings Debate.   Of course this is consistent with former Liberal positions. The last time the Liberals were in power their Justice Minister - Martin Cauchon - said:
"Estranged parents have no rights when it comes to their children -- they only have responsibilities"
He ascended to the position after Edmonton MP Anne McClelland vacated the post after doing the spade work of burying the all party, Senate-House "For the Sake of the Children" Committee Report who came up with the Shared Parenting recommendations.

The NDP Justice Critic - MP Francoise Boivin, Gatineau also sent a disappointingly similar message during debate a few weeks back.

Both opposition representatives gave no hint if this will be an "open" (conscience) matter or whether it will be "whipped" by the respective parties.  Which leaves all hope on the Conservatives but given comments attributed to MP Peter Mackay - the actual Minister of Justice - I am now concerned about an adequate  Conservatives turnout in a vote.

Here is article at the CEPC (Canadian Equal Parenting Council) about the challenges.

Next Parliamentary Debate is May 7.

Family Courts/Child Services Ministry's act as accomplices in protecting bad Mom's

Barbara Kay has this shocking account of a lying Mom and her "official" enablers who made it even worse.

And here is a now adult Mom who feels the same way - Ontario FRO (short for Orwellian-named "Family Responsibility Office".)  - as they all conspired to remove her Dad and his protection from the depredations of her neglectful, alcoholic Mom's boyfriends.

Canada Court Watch also has alot of cases on CAS abuse.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Valenti / Golis jump ahead of push

Checking to see if she has acted on my speculation that she will divorce by Feb 26, 2015 (I need a count-downer somewhere) - I see that Jessica Valenti-Golis has announced a move from her perch at "The Nation" to a real job writing daily for "The Guardian". I imagine this is part of their plan to diversify globally.

But then her cradle-robbed mate Andrew Golis has bounced around quite abit as well - recently to subsidiary of liberal rag The Atlantic Monthly - trendily called "The Wire".

Sunday, April 13, 2014

MRA's counterattack by debunking "Objectification"

JtO (John the Other) leads the charge with "I, Object" (note the progressive "objectification" of hair and makeup).

Followed by a full MRA team sack led by RazorBladeKandy2 in "who is objectifying Laci Green?" (note his extensive list of links in lobar).

RazorBladeK2 muses near the end about how a society MIGHT decide to protect women from all of these dangerous threats - and that is the best part.

And here is another older YTvid against Laci Green in the same vein - ie her thoughts (or lack of).
And Thunderf00t's excellent treatment of same topic.

Can we send her back to North Korea.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Feminists mass on boarder of reason

Given highly disturbing events in the Eastern Ukraine - here are a series of interviews on "Are Rape Victims to blame for their injury" hits the fan.

And here was an interview she did with the Kingston Whig Standard newspaper.

Feminist Declaration of War

Fidelbogen has a great post here.

And here is Typhon Blue's response - which must be watched until the end.

The feminist message is "think as WE tell you or die!"

And Charles Krauthammer presented pretty much the same criticism in todays National Post "Thought police on patrol" (as it is behind Paywall - here is printout)

Engagement with the enemy continue

Skirmishes with Feminists are on the rise.

And BINGO!  The first threats of violence have been made online to MensRightsEdmonton in response to last weekends poster sortie - that was also part of a nation-wide campaign.

Alison Tieman has also received death threats because of her successful engagement online with "Proud Feminist" and Professor of Philosophy at Queen's University.  Spokesperson Fidlebogen had a wonderful deconstruction of the abusive threats and Alison did a brief video update on her take on the threats.

This event has continued with further developments on the topic (that an MRHA supporter was denied access to).

Monday, April 07, 2014

Peaches Geldof dead

I am shocked.

Peaches Geldof is dead at 25.

Certainly her mothers death by overdose was a reason to suspect she may be at risk - depending on what the death was caused by - drugs, depression, psychological trauma from the loss of her mother - possibly compounded by her parents  divorce - as her Dad, Bob Geldof - was an early and very forceful advocate for Fathers Rights after his divorce experience.

How much celeb status may have made it impossible to seek help  in the British media saturated environment is another factor.

My thoughts are with her husband and 2 children - and sincere condolences to her family including her dad Bob and 3 sisters.

 [2014MAY01 - Update. Peaches died of a heroin overdose.]   PDF

[2014JUN19 - News. Haunting words of Peaches Geldof just weeks before heroin death.]  PDF