Thursday, March 06, 2014

Does the state endorse selective child abuse?

Today it was reported that a the children of a fundamental Jewish religious sect called "Lev Tahor" - have been ordered apprehended in Trinidad by the Ontario Department of Child & Family Services.   This situation has been developing for months after the group fled Quebec just before the Quebec Family Services were about to do the same thing.  Now they are being hounded across the globe as they were apparently attempting to get to Guatemala.  

As issue is their apparent marrying of young girls and having children similar to the practices of orthodox mormon sects in Bountiful BC about 10 years ago. (Polygamy is not an issue.)

This seems rather severe treatment when the issues do not appear to include physical/emotional abuse or neglect - but rather adherence to a strict religious belief.

It brings back the recollection of  "gender-free" parenting experiment by another Ontario couple where they were not going to "burden" their 2yr old son Storm with gendered pronouns like s/he.

Why did Ontario Family Services NOT investigate THIS family for child abuse?

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