Monday, November 18, 2013

Munk Debate: The End of Men

This much anticipated Munk Debate "Are Men Obsolete".

Maclean's Interview with Camille Paglia.

Feminists Ignore Biology, Dissident Feminist Camille Paglia Argues

Paglia believes we it is naive to think the ascent of women will accomplish any more than previous governments and all that will happen is we will become a Nanny State. Education especially deprives boys/male initiative and curbs their self-identity/esteem.  It is no surprise that the subjugation of women under Jihidist culture represents a dark shadow for modern western culture.

I hate Maureen Dowd - and Hanna Rosin.

Here is a thought.  While these self-congratulating women project their insouciant superiority as privileged white women.  But in truth Western Women are failing miserably at their divine mission - raising well adjusted families.  And they are no happier to boot.

Since marriage reduces the chance that a child will be poor by 80 percent, training for marriage should be a key part of a church's outreach to the poor. "We need to be helping cultivate the skills for marriage in communities that are in need."
Hymowitz argued that the decline in marriage has cultivated a new "caste society," where a child's future social status is determined by the relationship between his mother and father. She said what attracted her to the issue of marriage decay was its connection to "poverty and inequality." 
The major story "is less the rise of women and more the fall of low-income, less-educated men," said blogger Cathy Reisenwitz. With the decline of manufacturing, more men struggle to make a living and provide for their families. "Women are taking the lead in their own lives because they have to." 
The downfall of marriage "leads to women and men being less well-off economically and in every other way as well." She tied the uptick in mental health problems among children to the increase of divorce and the decline of men and women tying the knot. "Suicide, violence, depression, those things are directly attributable to the collapse of the marriage culture." 

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