Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Canadian Feminists attempt to gain media attention - fail.

Perhaps because they sense their eroding power I was surprised to see TWO items in todays media featuring Feminist ideologues.

1) Removal of phrase "in all our son's command" from our National Anthem "O' Canada" that was changed in 1913 from "in us thou dost command".  This charge was lead by noted writer and feminist Margaret Atwood.   Interestingly - the Quebec french version remains un-challenged.

2) Femen protest at Quebec National Assembly over display of Christian/Catholic crucifix.

Of course it is related to a sad debate about establishing a secular state where  NO evidence of religious symbols are allowed - Christian, Hindu, or any other - so it is even more ironic that this disruption occurred to the left-wing PQ Government hanging by a thread-like seat margin in the provincial legislature.

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