Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mr. Big case flawed from the start

A few weeks ago the Bosco Homes Juvenile murder case fell apart.  Judge Burrows ruled the RCMP botched the Mr Big as the two juveniles were being manipulated bay many government employee's - including apparently a female government employee who was in a sexual relationship with one of the teens!

The case fell apart once that evidence was in-admissable.

The other lingering question is if the Mr. Big Sting is even acceptable any more - creating a huge potential for abuse by law enforcement.  Reason it is not allowed in the U.S or U.K anymore.

Recently members of The Innocence Project conducted a study of the Mr Big cases - and then wrote a book as well.  Their conclusion?  Toss it - the risks are too great that it will entrap innocents.

In the 2004 murder investigation, the two teens skipped town and were eluding investigation in Canada - so the FBI asked for the RCMP's help in their investigation.   Somehow a common entrapment technique known as "Mr Big" was used to extract a damaging confession - the evidence was subsequently used and deemed legit.  The two teens - Sebastien Burns and  Atif Rafay - were found guilty.

But finally - an Edmonton angle that has been ignored.  The unconvinced sister of one teen was Tiffany Burns - who happened to be a "temp" News Anchor for CBC Edmonton.  She was convinced her brother had been wronged and set about trying to prove his innocence - mostly using evidence ignored by the Court.  Then she did a documentary about it.

Here some past comments about Mr Big.



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