Saturday, March 09, 2013

CBC finally gets 1994

Last week CBC aired this interview with Dr. Warren Farrell - an outstanding Mens Rights Advocate since the 1980's.  His last and most comprehensive book "The Myth of Male Power: Why Men are the disposable sex" was first published in August 1993 (paperback in November 1994).

Dr. Farrell was in Canadian news recently due to a hateful confrontation at UofT in November.  The ugliness of protestors there only reflected on them as I can not think of a more decent, gentle, respectful yet intellectually challenging speaker than Dr. Farrell.

I believe 1994 marks the height of Feminism in the West.

What I find remarkable is that it has taken 20 years for someone at the CBC to read this book.

CAFE has had talks by Barbara Kay, Lionel Tiger, Warren Farrell and  last week -

GirlWritesWhat has this recent post on "Why Feminism is Hate" and Vlog on how/why she started.

Warren Farrell's involvement with the call for a White House Council on Boys and Men.

He points out (at 05:10 mm:ss) that the lie of "Patriarchy" is that men make rules "against women" - when in fact men compete against each other (aka "White Knighting") in order to serve women (aka "Damsels in Distress") and gain their love, affection, praise and trust.

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