Monday, December 17, 2012

Some female opposition to Feminism.

It is great fun whenever  I discover many Women who do NOT accept Feminism.  Furthermore a number of them note a particularly dangerous aspect of many Feminist groups - the censoring of opposing viewpoints or any viewpoint who disagrees. This has been noted for MANY popular feminist websites - from Feministing, Feminist Frequency - without any surprise NOW - but rather disappointingly even Jezebel!

It is obvious they understand Feminism does not serve their interests - or even the wider interests of society.  But until the internet allowed individual women to overcome the hegemony of mainstream Feminist platforms, there were few ways to avoid this "stifling" of free opinion.  Of course it serves their "propaganda" efforts because it leaves casual readers with the impression there is no disagreement - which is entirely FALSE.

Here are a number of women's opinions against or disagreeing with various aspects of Feminism that I have enjoyed.

Barbara KAY (well known National Post journalist)   (more of her articles here)

Critique of Mangina Feminists Micheal Kimmel

A guy in a funny fur hat rips Feminist Frequency Anita Sarkesien

Girl - How feminism ruined my family   (Great story. Point about how first guy ignored her was highly offensive shows the effects of "pathological masculinity" which I think is exacerbated by single-motherhood where son's do not have a role model and end up as a caricature of men - often taking unnecessary risks. Similar impact of single mother on girls that tend to encourage early sexual experiences and pregnancy.)

Susan Venker - The Flipside of Feminism - Did Feminism sabotage womens happiness.

Naomi Chambers - Misandry/Misogeny: Being a Male today.  

Julie Borowski - The Gender Wag Gap Myth  and   Debunks the War on Women

Trish Patyas - Anti-Feminist

KrissyWorldWithin - Censorship in Feminist Media   (very interesting expose of Feminist Frequencey by a young left-wing supporter - and who suffered rather  difficult personal experiences while doing her channel.)

Ellen Csordas - Feminist in Sweden should chill a bit   (very sensibly points out there are more pressing problems to deal with and that a girls is not allowed to oppose feminism under feminist dogma.)

Ellen Csordas - Norwegian TV "The Gender Paradox"    (Interesting documentary show on Norwegian TV. I am so offended that in Sweden they are adopting HEN! Very Orwellian.)

Ayn Rand - On Feminism     (refreshing honesty)

Christina Hoff-Sommers - The War on Boys   (sponsored by Clare Luce Booth Society - here was Panel discussion)

Shut the hell up Feminist   (dissent with Feminist Frequency - again)

Feminism Sucks

I hate feminism

I am a women against Feminism - Part 1Part 2  and  Part 3   (lots of valid heated debate)

The No Nonsense Man describes the "transaction" - and a Women who has made a business from it.

Betsy Stevenson interviewed on The reason for a growing "Happiness Gap for Women" is Feminism

Girl compares Religious Right to Feminism (who shamelessly uses her sex to gain attention and her rather sad decline into sluthood over 1 year after destroying her virginity.  It is a bit sad.)

(and contrast of The View with Sharon Osbourne with Afganistan)

And some humour.

Irish reel.

Update May 2014

Feminism and why it has gone too far!

Why I'm Anti-Feminist and why Feminism does NOT equal equality (mirror)

FeministFrequency is Everything Wrong with Modern Feminism

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Reluctant Reporting

University of King's College Journalism School in Nova Scotia wrote this article about the reluctance of newspapers to cover suicides - most follow guidelines established by the Canadian Mental Health Association. The main reason given for not reporting - or at least being very carful in reporting suicides is the "copy-cat" effect on teens.  It is surprising that the reason given for this treatment remains the "celebrity" suicide of Marilyn Munroe in 1962 that caused an uptick in teen suicides the following month.  But current recent research1 on that topic is mixed and much more focused than supporting a blanket ban.
The suicide of actress Marilyn Monroe was associated with a 12% increase in suicide (Phillips, 1974). On the other hand, the most complex study to date of television coverage analyzed the effect of 87 television suicide media stories (1973–1984) on the national incidence of teenage suicide. It determined that there was no imitative effect in 65 of 69 regression analyses (Kessler, Downey, Milavsky & Stipp, 1988).

The few findings supporting a copycat effect tended to involve well-known or celebrity models. More generally, an analysis of 42 studies on nonfictional and fictional media impacts on suicide determined that less than half of the findings were significant variables. (Stack, 2000).

This "silence" has got to change.

Paradoxically today, mostly only "celebrity" suicides are reported - the worst kind to report for "copy-cat" responses - while many other of relative unknowns are not reported at all  - or worse are "half" reported (they go missing - but any account of recovery disappears out of the newspaper.)    Another interesting observation is that females deaths tend to elicit a larger copycat effect than male suicides - which may reflect a number of social factors.  My conclusion is that unknown male suicides have a prophylactic impact.

If people knew of the numbers of suicide - there would be an outcry against it and I believe more effective preventative action taken. Now, perhaps it would increase the numbers - but they are already so high - it is hard to tell if it can get any worse.



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CMHA Media Guidelines on Reporting Suicides:  (
1) Suicide in the Media: A Quantitative Review of Studies Based on Nonfictional Stories. Steven Stack, PhD. 2005  Wayne State University.