Friday, June 29, 2012

A Girl Named Bob?

(Apology to Johnny Cash Re: A Boy Named Sue.) 

So often we see this kind of "over the top" behaviour by Mom's
It's as though they show they are a MUCH better parent by exhibiting EXTREME parenting decisions.
I have heard many lesser examples - wisdom teeth removal, tonsillectomy and the most misplaced - cosmetic liposuction for a 9yo.   In most cases it seems to be a bizzare desire to ingratiate oneself to the medical professional - and of course as non-elective usually there is money involved.  My point being - is this some kind of benign abuse to "toughen-up" a child?

Australian Mom loses custody after being charged with Munchhausen Syndrome.

Tournament Behaviour

Some very interesting discussion of male-female behaviour - with reference to baboon sexual experiences.

Swagger - A questionable book about boys?

Recently, a new book "Swagger: 10 Urgent Rules for Raising Boys in an Era of Failing Schools, Mass Joblessness and Thug Culture" by Lisa Bloom was released.   Here is her blurb.  

"At this very moment, through no fault of their own, our boys are caught in the vortex of four powerful, insidious, often invisible forces which conspire to rob them of their future." We medicate, discipline, suspend and expel our boys from school at quadruple the rate of girls. We let double the number of boys drop out of high school than girls, and of those boys who do graduate, they are far more likely than their sisters to be illiterate, to fail to go to college, or to drop out of college if they do go. Young American men are unemployed at the rate of their counterparts in Arab Spring countries. Pop culture hammers our boys with the message that manhood equals emotional numbness, gun violence, rape, and drug use. And we incarcerate more of our boys and men than any other country on earth, now or in human history.'

I am not 100% sure about many of her points, but author Lisa Bloom is the daughter of "Divorce Lawyer from Hell" Gloria Allred.

Who didn't see this one coming?

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes call it quits - will share custody of 5 yo daughter Suri.

(March 2012 article in NYT on a better predictive math model was right.)


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Death by Cop

At 2am on July 18, 2010  - Cory Lewis came out of his Okotoks house with an umbrella and was shot dead by a sniper with the RCMP ERT (Emergency Response Team).  He and his wife were having marital issues  but typically work friends claimed  "nothing seemed wrong"  until his wife called 911 that night to say he had hit his 16 yo step-who son now had a bloody nose. 

This is all too familiar - including fact the cop "had no choice".  Really?
How come everyone just getting their Drivers License out of their wallet gets tazed?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Illinois protects non-custodial access

New legislation in Illinois intends to equalize the penalty's for parents that deny agreed upon parenting time.

SB 3823 brings remedies and sanctions for visitation interference closer to that of child support non-compliance, as it should be. It provides judges additional tools that they may choose to use, including:
  • Allowing for the suspension of driver’s license
  • Allowing for probation
  • Allowing for imprisonment not to exceed 6 months
  • Allowing for the finding of a petty offence and fines of no more than $500 per offense

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Courage or Resignation to the Inevitable?

5yo boy castrated by drug-addled mother is a happy little boy.  Ok, she was out of her mind on drugs - but it is cruel beyond belief and it should shock peoples conscience that it was his mother. Not to worry - she was sentenced to 99 yrs.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Female Quebec Prosecutor charged with DV

I thought this was of interest as most incidents of DV by judges, police and lawyers are kept fairly quiet.  A senior Crown Prosecution lawyer in Quebec - Claudia Carbonneau - was charged with Domestic Assault of her estranged husband who is a Police Officer.  Carbonneau is on leave and a publican ban has been placed on court proceedings.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Can a young boy be raped by an older women?

Just today I saw this report on FB - a 40 something male teacher in California was found guilty of raping a 14 yo female student -  and will serve 9yrs.  Among the comments were women who felt this was too light by far.

Last week in Saskatchewan, a 39yo mother was found guilty of sexual assault of 3 of her 14yo sons classmates.  She plyed them with booze and then had sex with them - in a threesome!  She was sentenced to 2yrs.

The difference in jail-time? Rape requires penetration and always carries a higher sentence.  In regular sexual intercourse with boys - it is obvious that penetration is not achieved - and hence the less charge carries a lesser penalty.

While is should not be relevant, and both adults were in significant positions of authority - these children were all sexually uninitiated.  It may just be the difference between both countries but I think not.

Does this seem biased?

20 yo model Kate Upton knows

Yes, she does - and many women understand this as well. 
Too well.

And of course men appreciate this - but most feminists choose to believe Kate (dob 10JUN1992)  has an intellectual deficit which she must be disabused of.

Recent book from Sweden (A Brief History of Swedish Sex: How the Nation that Gave Us Free Love Redefined Rape and Declared War on Julian Assange) documents how sex has been criminalized.

Gun Control does not reduce suicide

I read this interesting article about the effectiveness of U.S Gun Buy-backs in reducing gun crime and thought this conclusion was most imporatant.
"the theory underlying gun buybacks is badly flawed and the empirical evidence demonstrates the ineffectiveness of these programs."
But I also saw this point:

Advocates may think that getting rid of weapons will at least prevent accidents and suicides. But some people who hand over a gun will hang on to other guns, which they are just as likely to handle carelessly or leave where a child can find it.

As for suicide, the odd thing about people intent on killing themselves is that if a firearm is not available, they can find plenty of other methods that will serve their purpose. The National Academy study said that "gun control policies may reduce the number of gun suicides, but they have not yet been shown to reduce the overall risk of suicide in any population" (my emphasis).
Furthermore, here are some stats on overall murder rates in major U.S cities.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Abortion Stats - RESTRICTED?

I read this interesting report by Barbara Kay today.  The Ontario Liberals snuck thru a law that  restricts ANY information request for Abortion Stats in Ontario!   How abusive of power is that?  I am beyond disappointed.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Les Miserables - India-style

This serialized piece in the WSJ India Edition has apparently gotten BIG play.   As I have some experience with India - I am not at all surprised at these difficult real-life experiences among the poorer castes.  I will suggest the plight of most the poor in Indonesia, Cape Town and even Bejing - are very similar.  It reminds me of Victor Hugo's well-known novel "Les Miserables".  (Itself a serialized newspaper novel).

Here are some of my observations:
  • Child rape seems rampant - and accepted by many lower caste man and women.  In many of these accounts the women were just as likely - perhaps even MORE likely - to enlist/procure the young girls.
  • Rape allegations in the "country-side" appear to be dealt with by the family/tribal structure.  Only in cities where "western" thinking is more common are allegations acted upon.  Hard to tell if they are any more or less false rape allegations than in America given the social consequences in India. Outcast and shunning seem popular - with good measure of compassion and extenuating circumstances thrown in.
  • Arranged marriage seems to be well-accepted.
  • The sex-selection imbalance seems to have increased female bridal values.
  • Munni Khatoon seems to have experienced the same hard fate of head-strong girls the world over until western feminism relieved them of facing the consequences of their actions.  Like going against their families wishes and marrying outside their caste/religion - even delusionally for "love".  
  • Prostitution flourishes.
  • Formal marriage is practiced - but it depends on both parties exercising it to remain in force.
  • Penalties under appear unenforceable, except they can include physical violence from "the family".
  • Trading in children seems common - as there appear to be many abandoned or sold into service.
  • Hard to believe they have a socialized medical system - except the results speak for themselves.  I have the impression that all the attention paid to Falak by the hospital was only due to the media attention.  What ICU nurse wants to be the one who says "What is the big deal? We get one of these kids every month!" with the media fluttering around every day.

Black Evangalist Creflo Dollar charged for choking his 15yo daughter

Not sure what to make of this - as a parishioner said "don't spare the rod".

Monday, June 04, 2012

Vancouver Trash Show

Real Housewives of Vancouver continues to air and I 've found a weekly recap in the Vancouver Sun.  I have a hard time keeping down my lunch as I read it - but then I saw this news item as well.  The Supreme Court has received an appeal from Quebec on assignment of Divorce Rights of Married Couples into Common-Law   The case is known as Lola vs Eric.

I think this is a terrible idea as it will kill the Institution of Marriage as we know it.
1) What will be the natural advantage/incentive of marriage - before, during or after.
2) by making a "legal" commitment no different than co-habitation under terms of Divorce will mean anyone who lives together will be able to claim the assets of the other party in Divorce.