Tuesday, March 06, 2012


A study from the Canadian Medical Association Journal on the use of Abortion for Sex-Selection and has condemned the practice.  This was ironically "good news" as it legitimized conclusions put forth by a number of smaller, less resource endowed, pro-life special-interest groups (Institute for Marriage and the Family Canada).

Then this investigative news-team report from the UK Guardian newspaper that finds it is happening in the UK.

The issue was addressed by noted Canadian Ethicist - Dr. Margaret Somerville.

To me, this seems to have placed Feminists in a terrible conundrum - most are virulently Pro-Choice, yet to endorse this practice leads boy-preference - sort of self-defeating for the movement don't you think?  Also I have felt for some time that feminists - especially feminists who have children - can not continue with their ideology if they have sons.   Most realize that 1) gender is not a social construct and 2) boys/men are actually not the smoldering violent men that have stereotyped all their lives.   Of course it can take awhile for them to find this all our - sometime more than one generation - but it is our only hope.

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