Friday, March 16, 2012

Abuse by Justice - shocking cases of judicial bullying, intimidation and sanctioned legal abuse

This old (2007) video "Deconstructing America" illustrates the extent of a deep problem with the family court system - tampered evidence and court documents.

(I found these video's at a dormant blog by a women who claims her children were improperly removed from her by DCFS (Dept of Children and Family Services). As this same thing occurs to men with regularity it was somewhat encouraging to find women who have suffered the same fate, although I have no idea if it was justified.

Another link at the site led to women who had prepared very useful guides 1) Court Journal - to help inventory events and keep notes/records of important experiences from court/official appearances/interactions  2) Family Court Workbook - to help one self-represent in court and prepare motions, record results and keep track of participants and 3) Non Custodial Parent Children's Book - to keep track of their children's information at the "other parents home" so you know who they interact with. [Available in April 2012]

I believe some of these same problems exist in Canada.

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