Monday, January 30, 2012

Tom Martin - is LSE teaching misandry?

I just found out that a fellow in the UK - Tom Martin - launched a lawsuit against the London School of Economics for sex discrimination by the University's very own "Gender Institute".  
Tom has filed 200 pages of evidence, in a damages claim at the Central London County Court, for 'sex discrimination, breach of contract, misleading advertising, misrepresentation, and breach of The Gender Equality Duty Act'.
I just found out that his case had been set for Jan 30, 2012 but has been rescheduled to March 13.

This lawsuit seems very similar to American Attorney - Roy Den Hollander's (failed) attempt in 2010 to prove sex discrimination against New York Bars for "Ladies Night" promotions which allowed female patrons to enter free while men had to pay a cover charge.

I wish them luck.


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