Monday, December 17, 2012

Some female opposition to Feminism.

It is great fun whenever  I discover many Women who do NOT accept Feminism.  Furthermore a number of them note a particularly dangerous aspect of many Feminist groups - the censoring of opposing viewpoints or any viewpoint who disagrees. This has been noted for MANY popular feminist websites - from Feministing, Feminist Frequency - without any surprise NOW - but rather disappointingly even Jezebel!

It is obvious they understand Feminism does not serve their interests - or even the wider interests of society.  But until the internet allowed individual women to overcome the hegemony of mainstream Feminist platforms, there were few ways to avoid this "stifling" of free opinion.  Of course it serves their "propaganda" efforts because it leaves casual readers with the impression there is no disagreement - which is entirely FALSE.

Here are a number of women's opinions against or disagreeing with various aspects of Feminism that I have enjoyed.

Barbara KAY (well known National Post journalist)   (more of her articles here)

Critique of Mangina Feminists Micheal Kimmel

A guy in a funny fur hat rips Feminist Frequency Anita Sarkesien

Girl - How feminism ruined my family   (Great story. Point about how first guy ignored her was highly offensive shows the effects of "pathological masculinity" which I think is exacerbated by single-motherhood where son's do not have a role model and end up as a caricature of men - often taking unnecessary risks. Similar impact of single mother on girls that tend to encourage early sexual experiences and pregnancy.)

Susan Venker - The Flipside of Feminism - Did Feminism sabotage womens happiness.

Naomi Chambers - Misandry/Misogeny: Being a Male today.  

Julie Borowski - The Gender Wag Gap Myth  and   Debunks the War on Women

Trish Patyas - Anti-Feminist

KrissyWorldWithin - Censorship in Feminist Media   (very interesting expose of Feminist Frequencey by a young left-wing supporter - and who suffered rather  difficult personal experiences while doing her channel.)

Ellen Csordas - Feminist in Sweden should chill a bit   (very sensibly points out there are more pressing problems to deal with and that a girls is not allowed to oppose feminism under feminist dogma.)

Ellen Csordas - Norwegian TV "The Gender Paradox"    (Interesting documentary show on Norwegian TV. I am so offended that in Sweden they are adopting HEN! Very Orwellian.)

Ayn Rand - On Feminism     (refreshing honesty)

Christina Hoff-Sommers - The War on Boys   (sponsored by Clare Luce Booth Society - here was Panel discussion)

Shut the hell up Feminist   (dissent with Feminist Frequency - again)

Feminism Sucks

I hate feminism

I am a women against Feminism - Part 1Part 2  and  Part 3   (lots of valid heated debate)

The No Nonsense Man describes the "transaction" - and a Women who has made a business from it.

Betsy Stevenson interviewed on The reason for a growing "Happiness Gap for Women" is Feminism

Girl compares Religious Right to Feminism (who shamelessly uses her sex to gain attention and her rather sad decline into sluthood over 1 year after destroying her virginity.  It is a bit sad.)

(and contrast of The View with Sharon Osbourne with Afganistan)

And some humour.

Irish reel.

Update May 2014

Feminism and why it has gone too far!

Why I'm Anti-Feminist and why Feminism does NOT equal equality (mirror)

FeministFrequency is Everything Wrong with Modern Feminism

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Reluctant Reporting

University of King's College Journalism School in Nova Scotia wrote this article about the reluctance of newspapers to cover suicides - most follow guidelines established by the Canadian Mental Health Association. The main reason given for not reporting - or at least being very carful in reporting suicides is the "copy-cat" effect on teens.  It is surprising that the reason given for this treatment remains the "celebrity" suicide of Marilyn Munroe in 1962 that caused an uptick in teen suicides the following month.  But current recent research1 on that topic is mixed and much more focused than supporting a blanket ban.
The suicide of actress Marilyn Monroe was associated with a 12% increase in suicide (Phillips, 1974). On the other hand, the most complex study to date of television coverage analyzed the effect of 87 television suicide media stories (1973–1984) on the national incidence of teenage suicide. It determined that there was no imitative effect in 65 of 69 regression analyses (Kessler, Downey, Milavsky & Stipp, 1988).

The few findings supporting a copycat effect tended to involve well-known or celebrity models. More generally, an analysis of 42 studies on nonfictional and fictional media impacts on suicide determined that less than half of the findings were significant variables. (Stack, 2000).

This "silence" has got to change.

Paradoxically today, mostly only "celebrity" suicides are reported - the worst kind to report for "copy-cat" responses - while many other of relative unknowns are not reported at all  - or worse are "half" reported (they go missing - but any account of recovery disappears out of the newspaper.)    Another interesting observation is that females deaths tend to elicit a larger copycat effect than male suicides - which may reflect a number of social factors.  My conclusion is that unknown male suicides have a prophylactic impact.

If people knew of the numbers of suicide - there would be an outcry against it and I believe more effective preventative action taken. Now, perhaps it would increase the numbers - but they are already so high - it is hard to tell if it can get any worse.



University of King's College Journalism School: "Suicide: Breaking Media Silence - Journalists struggle with how to cover the sad taboo." (

CMHA Media Guidelines on Reporting Suicides:  (
1) Suicide in the Media: A Quantitative Review of Studies Based on Nonfictional Stories. Steven Stack, PhD. 2005  Wayne State University.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Is Elmo a pedophile?

Clash tells the website [TMZ], "I had a relationship with (the accuser). It was between two consenting adults and I am deeply saddened that he is trying to make it into something it was not."
"Two consenting Adults"  That means sex - does it not?
"Kevin insists that these allegations are false and defamatory and he has taken actions to protect his reputation. We have granted him a leave of absence to do so... Elmo is bigger than any one person and will continue to be an integral part of Sesame Street to engage, educate and inspire children around the world."
 This YouTube video makes it more creepy.

Interesting Factoid - Wyclef Jean

Paternity Fraud?

The band: The Fugees
The couple(s): Wyclef Jean and Lauryn Hill
The story: Wyclef Jean revealed a lot about himself and his successful group in his recently released memoirs ‘Purpose’. The most explosive bit from the book was his affair with singer Lauryn Hill while the group was still together and Jean was married. Jean said Hill told him he was the father of her first child, though it was really Rohan Marley. Jean said it was that situation that ended the group. (QMI Agency/WENN)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Girl Power?

Example of how women are deluding themselves - still.

Leslie Gore wrote/sang this "pro-feminist" hit tune in 1964 - and released a string of hits like "It's my Party (and I'll cry if I want too" and "Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows".  I find it quite intereesting that she was born into a wealthy, Jewish family and "came-out" as a lesbian on her TV Show in 2005 - 23 years after living with her partner.  How doe you spell "self-involved, entitled hypocrite" again?

Friday, September 28, 2012

Male Strike - new book coming

Noted blogger "Dr Helen" has declared she has a new book under development called Male Strike: Society’s War On Men  and it promises to be a huge hit.  Already the Fems are dissing it!

Helen Smith who blogs under "Dr Helen" is a professional Psychologist who has studied aggression, specifically focusing on teen violence and profiling/treatment of "school shooters". However, very little of her blog posting directly involves her professional work in this area - except to inform her that there has been alot of damage done by feminists ideology over the years - and she is a firm supporter of wiping it out.

This book idea apparently grew out of the onslaught of recent titles that appear to slag men

I eagerly await the release date of June 2013.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

NZ Infantry give Maori salute to fallen comrade

A touching ceremony makes one realize the positive aspects of integration of ancient tradition with modern society.  The first time I witnessed such a Haka display (disturbing at first) was at rugby matches.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Feminism is bad for your health.

The NYT ran the obit for 67yo "Red Stocking" Feminist founder, Shulamith Firestone.  She was treated for schizophrenia in the 1980's after she had written her radical polemics that made her as well known as Kate Millet, Betty Friedan and Germain Greer.

Her book "The Dialectic of Sex- The Case for Feminist Revolution" extended Marxist theories of class oppression to offer a radical analysis of the oppression of women, arguing that sexual inequity springs from the onus of childbearing, which devolves on women by pure biological happenstance. 

“Just as the end goal of socialist revolution was not only the elimination of the economic class privilege but of the economic class distinction itself,” Ms. Firestone wrote, “so the end goal of feminist revolution must be ... not just the elimination of male privilege but of the sex distinction itself: genital differences between human beings would no longer matter culturally.”

Sadly, her sisters have made that prediction almost true.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Feminists killed Kurt Cobain

Feminists killed Kurt Cobain

Feminists killed Kurt Cobain
Men my age are all the same
They hate themselves & feel ashamed
For what they are & cannot change

Little heads filled up with lies
Raised only to apologize
For thousand-year conspiracies
In gender-studies histories

Put down at home, drugged up at school
Helped to sit still & follow rules
Help follow what their teachers say
Look, see how well the girls behave

Men chastised, demonized,
Healthy males pathologized
A man is just a dirty ape
Longing, lust, desire: all rape
Your body is a loaded gun
And all that it has done is wrong

Girls demands are sacrosanct
Boys complaints beneath contempt
A 'good' man knows his sex is bad
The life of ease that he has had
A good man turns his back on men
Puts women first in everything

White knights, on their hobbled steeds
Still cling to laws of chivalry
Passed over by the queens they save
A joke to all the other slaves

Ashamed of all their endless wealth,
Those riches that they've never held,
The privilege we've never felt
Only endless shame
All of us the sons of Cain
Feminists killed Kurt Cobain.

Feminists killed Kurt Cobain
Who'd rather die than bear that blame
That curse he carried from the womb
Still with him laid out in the tomb

He screamed onstage & pierced his flesh
Put on make-up, wore a dress
Numbed the pain when he could score
Then shot his face across the floor

Feminists killed Kurt Cobain
Men my age are all the same
Generations X & Y
Hate themselves & want to die

Too late for them, too late for me
We've been what we were made to be
Can't turn back, can't start again
But then no-one can, I wonder when
The tide will turn, the waves will part
Our lives were laid out from the start

A man today's no easy ride:
Three-fourths of all the suicides
Nine-tenths of all the deaths at work
And more in war, dead in the dirt

Under hateful ideology
Hatred becomes ordinary:
A man in pain should make us glad
A man in pain should make us laugh

Each loss for men, each tragedy
Crowed over like a victory
A victory for who? Are we
not one? Are we not family?
Does our thirst not match your need?
If you cut us, don't we bleed?
Don't we grieve, just like you do?
Your loved ones torn away from you?

We used to walk in sunny glades
& share the cup of blessed rain
Warm each other winter nights
Watch children play through summer's light
Work together in the fields
Share the bounty of their yield
Stand together, sacrifice
& not be bought for any price

Now the girls get told get what you can
After all, he's just a man
You're right to think it's right to take
Yes you go girl, you make him pay
The girls get taught they must get on
Like work empowered anyone:
To sell your life for dollar bills
Taking calls & stacking shelves
In offices & factories
Fulfilment sought in drudgery

I'm dreaming of a brighter age
Where all are loved, where all are praised
For what they are, what nature made
Its words are heard & ways obeyed

Where prison rape is not a joke
To decent, well-raised gentlefolk
And mutilated genitals
A horrifying spectacle
No matter which land they occur
Regardless if they're his or hers

I'm dreaming, & I dream alone
This world's insane, as we all know
I sit & wait, I hope, I pray
The human race will find its way,

Feminists killed Kurt Cobain
Men my age are all the same
They hate themselves & feel ashamed
For what they are & cannot change
Too late for them, too late for me
I can't say what is going to be
This age will pass, & all within
& these words too, & me, & him
Where to next, nobody knows
The light is dim. But still it glows

RIP Curt Cobain
(February 20, 1967 -- April 5, 1994)

h/t LaudanumByron

What women think about Obama?

h/t Independent Womens Voices

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One sided media

As I have mentioned topic of "Passive Aggression" before - I couldn't resist the temptation to look at an article on this topic when it popped up.  Unfortunately - it was so one sided as to be offensive - because it  was the big dumb man syndrome.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Responses to NYT - Men, who needs them?

Dr. Helen flagged this op-ed article "Men, who needs them" by a Boise State Biology Prof - Dr. Greg Hampikian in the NYT yesterday.

As offended as I am - can one REALLY take such a writer seriously?  Should we "take the bait" as offered?  It must be an attempt to provoke and indeed it did receive 312 comments over 26 hrs before comments were closed. (Even if it was the last weekend in an August - this does not seem enough!  Perhaps reasonable people have completely stopped reading this supposed "All the news that's fit to print" newspaper.  And who could blame them?)

I gained far more from reading the 312 posted comments than I ever could from the article.  But as Dr. Hampikian is also a member of the Idaho Innocence Project - I do feel sorry for those fellows on Death Row.  I would be even more depressed once I found out Dr. Hampikian was representing me - as it is obvious that he doesn't feel any man is worth the trouble.   In honour of this gratuitous insult I post the equally offensive generalization of women.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

What was he thinking?

What was he thinking? (See video below.) But doesn't this merely highlight the lack of thinking of politicians as well as most men and women? What were they thinking? They weren't. I predict a poor ending for this marriage.

Maygan Sensenberger, appeared disheveled as she sat in court Friday as she was charged with causing a public disturbance and endangering the safety of an aircraft by committing an act of violence during a flight, the Saskatoon Star Phoenix reported. 

The 23-year-old wife of a 69-year-old Liberal senator has been charged with causing a disruption on a plane that landed in Saskatoon Thursday night.  Sensenberger threatened to kill her husband and “take down the aircraft,” a Crown prosecutor said in court.

Sensenberger married Senator Rod Zimmer of Winnipeg almost one year ago in Ottawa.

Or perhaps he was just following Sir Bernie Ecclestone's lead? 
Money is the best aphrodisiac.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Tony Scott - brother of Film Mogel Ridley - jumps off bridge to his death

Huh, I guess wealth doesn't buy happiness either?  Why the famous brother/business partner of Ridley Scott - Tony decided to do this is an open question. Perhaps it was revealed in his undisclosed note. Maybe it had something to do with an unrevealed illness [Update: Denied by family] or trouble in his 3rd marriage with twin boys (they look about 8). Very sad.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

70th Anniversary of WWII Dieppe Invasion

70 years ago today - Aug 18, 1942 - was the start of the Dieppe Invasion - a military disaster that fell almost exclusively on the Canadians but was provided many lessons that made D-Day 2 years later a success.   Of 5,000 Canadians that hit the beach over 900 died and 2,000 were captured.  It was touched to hear that the local French still honour Canada and the dead of this terrible battle.


Friday, August 10, 2012

Monday, July 23, 2012

Death by Prision in BC

I suggest that this former Lawyer and Alberta Mountie either knew he was done for - or pulled the pin himself after only 6mths in the joint.  However the article notes a number of other prisoners have sucessfully taken their own lives at this Max Institution in Agassiz BC.I am not defending this mans' crime - just noting that while we comfort ourselves that we in the county are more humane because we do not have a Death Penalty - some crimes are in fact Death sentences.


Sunday, July 08, 2012

Monday, July 02, 2012

Family Ties

TMZ dishes on Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise Divorce

I am not partial to this program - but kinda like how all the guys weigh-in on this one.  There is alot of knowledge and concern here for men.

On the Church of Scientololgy of which Tom Cruise is a very prominent member - I think it is a cult.

Friday, June 29, 2012

A Girl Named Bob?

(Apology to Johnny Cash Re: A Boy Named Sue.) 

So often we see this kind of "over the top" behaviour by Mom's
It's as though they show they are a MUCH better parent by exhibiting EXTREME parenting decisions.
I have heard many lesser examples - wisdom teeth removal, tonsillectomy and the most misplaced - cosmetic liposuction for a 9yo.   In most cases it seems to be a bizzare desire to ingratiate oneself to the medical professional - and of course as non-elective usually there is money involved.  My point being - is this some kind of benign abuse to "toughen-up" a child?

Australian Mom loses custody after being charged with Munchhausen Syndrome.

Tournament Behaviour

Some very interesting discussion of male-female behaviour - with reference to baboon sexual experiences.

Swagger - A questionable book about boys?

Recently, a new book "Swagger: 10 Urgent Rules for Raising Boys in an Era of Failing Schools, Mass Joblessness and Thug Culture" by Lisa Bloom was released.   Here is her blurb.  

"At this very moment, through no fault of their own, our boys are caught in the vortex of four powerful, insidious, often invisible forces which conspire to rob them of their future." We medicate, discipline, suspend and expel our boys from school at quadruple the rate of girls. We let double the number of boys drop out of high school than girls, and of those boys who do graduate, they are far more likely than their sisters to be illiterate, to fail to go to college, or to drop out of college if they do go. Young American men are unemployed at the rate of their counterparts in Arab Spring countries. Pop culture hammers our boys with the message that manhood equals emotional numbness, gun violence, rape, and drug use. And we incarcerate more of our boys and men than any other country on earth, now or in human history.'

I am not 100% sure about many of her points, but author Lisa Bloom is the daughter of "Divorce Lawyer from Hell" Gloria Allred.

Who didn't see this one coming?

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes call it quits - will share custody of 5 yo daughter Suri.

(March 2012 article in NYT on a better predictive math model was right.)


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Death by Cop

At 2am on July 18, 2010  - Cory Lewis came out of his Okotoks house with an umbrella and was shot dead by a sniper with the RCMP ERT (Emergency Response Team).  He and his wife were having marital issues  but typically work friends claimed  "nothing seemed wrong"  until his wife called 911 that night to say he had hit his 16 yo step-who son now had a bloody nose. 

This is all too familiar - including fact the cop "had no choice".  Really?
How come everyone just getting their Drivers License out of their wallet gets tazed?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Illinois protects non-custodial access

New legislation in Illinois intends to equalize the penalty's for parents that deny agreed upon parenting time.

SB 3823 brings remedies and sanctions for visitation interference closer to that of child support non-compliance, as it should be. It provides judges additional tools that they may choose to use, including:
  • Allowing for the suspension of driver’s license
  • Allowing for probation
  • Allowing for imprisonment not to exceed 6 months
  • Allowing for the finding of a petty offence and fines of no more than $500 per offense

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Courage or Resignation to the Inevitable?

5yo boy castrated by drug-addled mother is a happy little boy.  Ok, she was out of her mind on drugs - but it is cruel beyond belief and it should shock peoples conscience that it was his mother. Not to worry - she was sentenced to 99 yrs.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Female Quebec Prosecutor charged with DV

I thought this was of interest as most incidents of DV by judges, police and lawyers are kept fairly quiet.  A senior Crown Prosecution lawyer in Quebec - Claudia Carbonneau - was charged with Domestic Assault of her estranged husband who is a Police Officer.  Carbonneau is on leave and a publican ban has been placed on court proceedings.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Can a young boy be raped by an older women?

Just today I saw this report on FB - a 40 something male teacher in California was found guilty of raping a 14 yo female student -  and will serve 9yrs.  Among the comments were women who felt this was too light by far.

Last week in Saskatchewan, a 39yo mother was found guilty of sexual assault of 3 of her 14yo sons classmates.  She plyed them with booze and then had sex with them - in a threesome!  She was sentenced to 2yrs.

The difference in jail-time? Rape requires penetration and always carries a higher sentence.  In regular sexual intercourse with boys - it is obvious that penetration is not achieved - and hence the less charge carries a lesser penalty.

While is should not be relevant, and both adults were in significant positions of authority - these children were all sexually uninitiated.  It may just be the difference between both countries but I think not.

Does this seem biased?

20 yo model Kate Upton knows

Yes, she does - and many women understand this as well. 
Too well.

And of course men appreciate this - but most feminists choose to believe Kate (dob 10JUN1992)  has an intellectual deficit which she must be disabused of.

Recent book from Sweden (A Brief History of Swedish Sex: How the Nation that Gave Us Free Love Redefined Rape and Declared War on Julian Assange) documents how sex has been criminalized.

Gun Control does not reduce suicide

I read this interesting article about the effectiveness of U.S Gun Buy-backs in reducing gun crime and thought this conclusion was most imporatant.
"the theory underlying gun buybacks is badly flawed and the empirical evidence demonstrates the ineffectiveness of these programs."
But I also saw this point:

Advocates may think that getting rid of weapons will at least prevent accidents and suicides. But some people who hand over a gun will hang on to other guns, which they are just as likely to handle carelessly or leave where a child can find it.

As for suicide, the odd thing about people intent on killing themselves is that if a firearm is not available, they can find plenty of other methods that will serve their purpose. The National Academy study said that "gun control policies may reduce the number of gun suicides, but they have not yet been shown to reduce the overall risk of suicide in any population" (my emphasis).
Furthermore, here are some stats on overall murder rates in major U.S cities.