Monday, December 26, 2011

Deadly Romance

Last week 21 year-old Derek Jensen ran into his very recent ex-girlfriend at a bar in Lethbridge AB with a new guy and made some very bad choices.   Heated words were thrown about and unknown to the girl and her new friends Jensen waited outside and tailed them after they left the bar.  Around 3am their vehicle was enroute to the airport to drop off the boys when he rammed into them with his car. As the female driver got out to confront him - Jensen opened fired with a 9mm handgun and picked-off all 4 of them off - then turned the weapon in himself.   The young women driver was the only survivor to tell the tale but remains in serious condition.

Then on Dec 18, in Emington IL outside Chicago, Sara McMeen shot her boyfriend Daniel Warren, 29 and then her 2 children Skylar Lemke 8 and Ian Lemke 7 (by former boyfriend Brad Lemke) - and last she wrapped up her 10mth-old baby Maggie Warren and shot the baby point-blank in front of an astonished neighbor who had rushed over when she her the commotion.  Then McMeen fatally turned the gun on herself.   She was suffering from bipolar disorder.

Yesterday in Wisconsin, this happened. A 25 yr old man narrowly missed his 17 yr old girlfriend as she left his home after giving him the "bad news" - why or how I am not sure - but the bullet struck and killed a policeman who was approaching the home outside at the time.  The man apparently operated at a lowwer mental age but then how did he get a gun?

And on Xmas morning, 58yr old Aziz Yazdanpanah, dressed up in a Santa suit to deliver gifts - and gunned down 7 people at his former home inhabited by his soon to be divorced wife including his children and his soon to be ex's friends.


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