Friday, December 30, 2011

Prison Inmate prosecuted for masturbation in his cell alone

Female guards who monitors inmates by CCTV found it vulgar/offensive - hence charge.
Isn't being locked up with few privileges of personal privacy a mitigating factor?
Questions about the judgement of the prosecuting Florida State Attorney have been raised.


A House of One's Own

Yes, it used to JUST be a metaphorical room that Virgina WOLF wrote of where a women could think her own thoughts without sharing them with the oppressive patriarchy - today it's been expanded.   That is at least part of the message in this article "All The Single Ladies" that in essence celebrates the message "Who needs Men if they can't cleanup after themselves?"


If I Didn’t Make Money, She Hit Me

Hmm, this poor girl in Indonesia hasn't learnt her Feminist Catechism very well.

The girl - a survivor of the 2004 New Years Day Tsunami in Ban Acheh INDONESIA was misused by her "adoptive" mother - who eventually turned her out of the house when she was too old to boss about.  Of course it could have been worse - she could have been sold into sexual slavery by the women - but apparently she wasn't.

Again I find it interestingly that a kind "taxi driver" of unknown gender returned her to her family.
Gosh - maybe the kind "taxi driver" was female so they didn't have to mention it?
What do you think?

Monday, December 26, 2011

Deadly Romance

Last week 21 year-old Derek Jensen ran into his very recent ex-girlfriend at a bar in Lethbridge AB with a new guy and made some very bad choices.   Heated words were thrown about and unknown to the girl and her new friends Jensen waited outside and tailed them after they left the bar.  Around 3am their vehicle was enroute to the airport to drop off the boys when he rammed into them with his car. As the female driver got out to confront him - Jensen opened fired with a 9mm handgun and picked-off all 4 of them off - then turned the weapon in himself.   The young women driver was the only survivor to tell the tale but remains in serious condition.

Then on Dec 18, in Emington IL outside Chicago, Sara McMeen shot her boyfriend Daniel Warren, 29 and then her 2 children Skylar Lemke 8 and Ian Lemke 7 (by former boyfriend Brad Lemke) - and last she wrapped up her 10mth-old baby Maggie Warren and shot the baby point-blank in front of an astonished neighbor who had rushed over when she her the commotion.  Then McMeen fatally turned the gun on herself.   She was suffering from bipolar disorder.

Yesterday in Wisconsin, this happened. A 25 yr old man narrowly missed his 17 yr old girlfriend as she left his home after giving him the "bad news" - why or how I am not sure - but the bullet struck and killed a policeman who was approaching the home outside at the time.  The man apparently operated at a lowwer mental age but then how did he get a gun?

And on Xmas morning, 58yr old Aziz Yazdanpanah, dressed up in a Santa suit to deliver gifts - and gunned down 7 people at his former home inhabited by his soon to be divorced wife including his children and his soon to be ex's friends.


Friday, December 23, 2011

This just in - Women not perfect

Minnesota State Senate Majority Leader Amy KOCH steps down due to "inappropriate relationship".

Also I saw these economics studies that refere to gender from US NBER. I only mention them in passing to show the degree of "scholarship" in the discipline these days.
"Does Gender Matter for Political Leadership? The Case of U.S. Mayors"
NBER Working Paper No. w17671
What are the consequences of electing a female leader for policy and political outcomes? Where women’s participation in mayoral elections increased from negligible numbers in 1970 to about one-third of the elections in the 2000’s. Using a data set of U.S. mayoral elections from 1950 to 2005, and apply a regression discontinuity design to deal with the endogeneity of female candidacy to city characteristics.
  • They find no gender effect of the female mayors on policy outcomes related to the size of local government, the composition of municipal spending and employment, or crime rates.
  • While female mayors do not implement different policies, they do appear to have higher unobserved political skills, as they have a 6-7 percentage point higher incumbent effect than a comparable male.
  • Also, there is no evidence of political spillover effects (i.e exogenously electing a female mayor does not change the long run political success of other female mayoral candidates in the same city or of female candidates in local congressional elections.)
"The Economics and Politics of Women's Rights"
NBER Working Paper No. w17672
Women's rights and economic development are highly correlated. Today, the discrepancy between the legal rights of women and men is much larger in developing compared to developed countries. Historically, even in countries that are now rich, women had few rights before economic development took off.  So is development the cause of expanding women's rights, or conversely, do women's rights facilitate development? We argue that there is truth to both hypotheses. The literature on the economic consequences of women's rights documents that more rights for women lead to more spending on health and children, which should benefit development.
The political-economy literature on the evolution of women's rights finds that technological change increased the costs of patriarchy for men, and thus contributed to expanding women's rights. Combining these perspectives, we discuss the theory of Doepke and Tertilt (2009), where an increase in the return to human capital induces men to vote for women's rights, which in turn promotes growth in human capital and income per capita.
[Ladies - you are welcome but don't feel you need to say thank-you.  Also, the technological change that increased our costs was because with the oven/washing machines we invented, you aren't spending so much time schlepping down to the river to clean dishes and wash clothes by flogging on rocks.  Then we and our children get the pleasure of your company.]
Utilization of Infertility Treatments: The Effects of Insurance Mandates"NBER Working Paper No. w17668
Over the last several decades, both delay of childbearing and fertility problems have become increasingly common among women in developed countries. At the same time, technological changes have made many more options available to individuals experiencing fertility problems. However, these technologies are expensive, and only 25% of health insurance plans in the United States cover infertility treatment. As a result of these high costs, legislation has been passed in 15 states that mandates insurance coverage of infertility treatment in private insurance plans.
This paper examines if mandated insurance coverage for infertility treatment affects utilization.  Adjusting for fact that older, more educated women should be more affected than younger, less educated women  due to higher risk of fertility problems and because as they are more likely to have private health insurance - they find insurance mandates increase utilization for older, more educated women, especially use of expensive ovulation-inducing drugs and artificial insemination procedures. [Duh]

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

FL Dad shot by MIL while picking-up 3yrs old son

A dad who was just picking-up his son had the foresight to audio-record his pickup experience as "I knew something was going to happen" and ended up shot.  The recording was the evidence that proved his Mother-in-law was clearly lying about what happened.


54 Madrassa "Students" chained "like animals"

How interesting that these were "students" from ages 7-41 years old.
No one mentions they were all boys/men!
Can you imagine the outrage if there was a women in this group?

Pennsylvania State University attempts to "dig-out" of Sandusky Controversy - but digs deeper?

President of MERCK - Alan MURRAY has volunteered to address Child Sexual Abuse for his Alma Mater Penn State University in aftermath of allegations against Football Coach Jerry Dandusky - but has he dug himself a bigger hole? The University has agreed to donate $1.5 Million from bowl games proceeds, to ... "two* feminist organizations which don't recognize that sex abuse or violence against boys exists, and doesn't provide any services at all for male domestic violence victims of ANY age."

*Pennslvaynia Coalition Against Rape and the National Sexual Violence Resource Centre.

(52 counts against Jerry Sandusky - he has elected to go straight to trial)