Thursday, April 28, 2011

Challenge to the White House - Help Boys

Recently I became aware of this proposal - supported by 34 prominent scholars and academics - to challenge the White House to establish a special parallel "White House Commission on Men to Boys" to counteract the blatantly misandric claims of the feminist-pandering "White House Council on Girls and Women".

This Commission has identified 5 key area's that need to be addressed to counteract the crisis that already exist for boys and men:
  • Education - Boys are behind girls in almost every subject, especially reading and writing, yet boy-friendly program are curtailed.  Title IX discriminates against boys propensity to sport.
  • Jobs - Sons/Boys are not being prepared for where the jobs will be.
  • Fatherlessness - Father absence creates huge behavioural issues for kids - and already 1/3 of boys are raised without their fathers.  Why do we allow this?  Do government program promote this?
  • Physical and Emotional Health - Men + boys suffer death much earlier/often than women/girls, yet there is no corresponding program dedicated to Men/Boy's health. Boys suicides rates are much higher as they feel the distress of their gender roles.
Please, support this effort.

Further stats on Fatherlessness.

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