Thursday, April 28, 2011

How anti-male advertising doesn't help

The above was a reply to the one below.
The humour loses to the misandry in it - imagine the reaction if this was being done to a women?

a ly'n cheat'n B&#@H

Amazing ability of self-delusion - on a nationally broadcast TV program no less!
Oh women, thy name is evil.
The best part is the group's reaction who automatically take the women's side as a "victim".
The worst part is that idiot Maury comforting the women and trying to defend her lame excuse "she thought it was yours".   My suspicion is the women was compromised into this lurid disgrace by the program promising "formula and to help arise the child" - which is quite kind as long as they remove the B&#@H as well.

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Challenge to the White House - Help Boys

Recently I became aware of this proposal - supported by 34 prominent scholars and academics - to challenge the White House to establish a special parallel "White House Commission on Men to Boys" to counteract the blatantly misandric claims of the feminist-pandering "White House Council on Girls and Women".

This Commission has identified 5 key area's that need to be addressed to counteract the crisis that already exist for boys and men:
  • Education - Boys are behind girls in almost every subject, especially reading and writing, yet boy-friendly program are curtailed.  Title IX discriminates against boys propensity to sport.
  • Jobs - Sons/Boys are not being prepared for where the jobs will be.
  • Fatherlessness - Father absence creates huge behavioural issues for kids - and already 1/3 of boys are raised without their fathers.  Why do we allow this?  Do government program promote this?
  • Physical and Emotional Health - Men + boys suffer death much earlier/often than women/girls, yet there is no corresponding program dedicated to Men/Boy's health. Boys suicides rates are much higher as they feel the distress of their gender roles.
Please, support this effort.

Further stats on Fatherlessness.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

A women's perfidy

This article in Toronto [Red] Star struck me as sinisterly indicative of a womens's perfidy.  This women misled a man even while they planned to marry - except she forgot to tell him she was still married.   His house went up in flames the day after he found out the truth.

2nd Online Conference on Men's Studies

Yesterday, the 2nd Online Conference on Men's Studies took place.  I was unable to partake but it seemed promising.  I look forward to receiving notice of the online video.