Friday, September 17, 2010

WA woman threw acid on self - Police

This story got alot of play on CBC TV News (The National) undoubtedly because it was a heinous crime "against a women" (perhaps also b/c it was in Vancouver WA).  That was somewhat lessened by her claim a black women threw the acid at her.  In the press Conference with her swaddled in bandages - she was remarkably chipper and almost joking about the grim occurrence. 

Now she has confessed to committing the injuring on herself. 

Can there be any doubt that women can be unstable and are more likely to lie to gain attention/sympathy of others. [In August a young women - Ashley KIRILOW of Burlington ON admitted to faking having cancer and receiving donations.  She went as far as completely altering her appearance to look like she was undergoing Cancer treatment.]  I suggest that a man would most likely lie to advance his career or con others of cash/property (i.e Bernie Madoff).  Official studies support the facts that women are more likely to lie.  And how can DV Counselors advocate for women of such irresponsibility?

And does anyone believe that if this mischievous waste of police and health-care resources was perpetrated by a male - he would not be charged?

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