Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rights of Women?

During a press conference for her new movie, Jennifer Aniston announced,
“Women are realizing it more and more knowing that they don’t have to settle with a man just to have that child,”
This got her in trouble with pop-conservative pundit Bill O'Reilly.
But I have to thank Equal but Different for this contribution:
We got it...women can do anything they want.

We can dress in next to nothing and parade ourselves through the streets if we want, we can sleep with as many men as we can fit into a day if we want, we can abort our children or choose to keep them and sue for child support if we want, we can walk out on our marriages if we want, we can have children and condemn them to a life without ever knowing a father if we want...all free from censure because woe unto anyone who dares question, judge or condemn us for our actions.

What a disturbing and shallow thing our empowered, modern day women have become....so consumed with proving what they can do that they've lost all sense of what they should do.
According to the logic of Aniston and her ilk, if a woman wants a baby she is simply entitled to have one. What is intrinsically wrong with this thinking is that it's egocentric and rooted in selfishness....and parenthood, when done correctly, is the single most selfless endeavor a human being can undertake. There is no room for puerile, narcissistic whim when it comes to the caring for and bringing forth of life.
 Another celebrity's has convinced herself that - just like she needs a Gucci handbag - she needs a child.  It is all about her.

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