Sunday, August 08, 2010

The Politics of Fear

This article in the National Post is perfect in that it identifies the problems of "clipboard killjoys" and the intrusion of government regulation into all aspects of life.
He called it an attempt to modify behaviour opportunistically, like a sexual education course that is motivated by morality.
"They think their job is to save people from themselves," he said of politicians who promote rules designed to send social messages, and that this reveals their "contempt" for "people who cannot be relied on to manage their everyday existence."
This is similar to the most recent plan by the Conservatives to spend $9 bn on building jails and serving an increased population of inmates.  Little thought appears to have been given to the impact on the population of such "patriarchal" moves as it is well known that jails are often breeding grounds for more crime.

Furthermore, the RCMP most recent experience with the public continues to deteriorate.


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