Wednesday, March 03, 2010

UK Feminist Minister Continues to Mislead Public on "Pay Gap"

UK Radfem Labour Minister - Harriet HARMAN continues to ignore the UK Office for National Statistics (ONF) recommendation that she refrain from claiming that the "Pay Gap" between men and women is 23%.   They believe such a figure "without qualifications" or further explanation is misleading - and may "not exist".

The real issue is the "comparability" of work.  Other observations:
  • ONF suggests the "true" gap is 12.8% - but insists this does not imply gender discrimination.  The higher figure is sanctioned by HARMANS' "Equality" Directorate, but includes both FT and PT earnings.
  • A "Pay Gap" does not appear until women reach 30 (which supports the view that it is the onset of having children for most women that create much of the difference).  From 18-29 there is hardly any difference at all.
  • Confusion exits when PT and FT are mixed. When men and women who work 20-30 hours per week are compared - women actually earn slightly more than men.

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