Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why do we support Zero Tolerance?

This is not a popular idea - but I admit I have been coming to this conclusion for some time (Zero Tolerance Makes Zero Sense Feb 9, 2010 by Ashley HERTZOG at   In this case a 12 yr-old girl was taken into police custody for writing "I love my friends Abby and Faith" on her school desk in Spanish class.

Yes - you read that correctly. She scribbled "I love my friends" on her desk.

The school principal (Alexa GRANT) denies any responsibility for calling the police as she says "the school's "zero tolerance" policy requires her to have students arrested and charged for run-of-the-mill incidents."
There's a distinctly anti-male agenda behind zero tolerance, which is no surprise given that groups like the National Education Association kowtow to militant feminists. Normal, healthy boys engaging in normal masculine activities are regularly treated like felons.
Needless to say, sex abuse hysteria is written into many schools' zero-tolerance policies. A Branson, Massachusetts, third-grader was suspended for "sexual harassment" after he kissed a girl on the cheek.
Where else is this practised?  You know the answer.

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