Sunday, December 27, 2009

Feminists Psychoanalyze Themselves - Nov 2009 UPDATE

Phyllis SCHLAFLY has made some good points here - and as indicated, it is an UPDATE!   Here are some excerpts:

Feminists Are Still Unhappy
  • A report issued by National Bureau of Economic Research and published in the American Economic Journal called "The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness," concludes that women's happiness has measurably declined since 1970. Since this study covers the same time period as the rise of the so-called women's liberation movement, the feminists recognized it as a challenge to the goals and alleged achievements of their movement.  
  • In the pre-1970 era, when surveys showed women with higher levels of happiness, most men held jobs that enabled their wives to be fulltime homemakers. At the same time, the private enterprise system produced many products that make household work and kiddie care easier (such as dryers, dishwashers, and paper diapers). [Editor: Doesn't sound very green to me!] 
  • Carolyn Graglia's landmark book, Domestic Tranquility: A Brief Against Feminism, explains that the chief purpose of the feminists was to make the role of fulltime homemaker economically untenable and socially disdained. 
  • But consider:
    • The Equal Pay Law was passed in 1963, but requires equal pay only for equal work, and women in the labor force don't work nearly as many hours per week as men do, and women voluntarily choose jobs that pay less.
    • Women are now half the labor force and 40% of women are essential family breadwinners.
    • On college campuses women make up 60% of enrollment and earn the majority of degrees.
    • In the current recession, the majority of workers laid off have been men (especially from construction and manufacturing). Jobs where women predominate have not been much affected.
    • Strong efforts are underway to make the workplace EVEN more female-friendly with Title IX quotas being implemented in University STEM placements and High School sports.
  • Only one sentence in all these feminist articles confronts the fundamental reason why today's women are not as happy as women were in 1972.  Time Magazine wrote"Among the most dramatic changes in the past generation is the detachment of marriage and motherhood."
Feminist Attack on Marriage
  • Betty Friedan started the feminist movement in the late 1960s with her book The Feminine Mystique, which created the myth that suburban housewives were suffering from "a sense of dissatisfaction" with their alleged-to-be-boring lives.
  • To liberate women from the home that Friedan labeled "a comfortable concentration camp," the feminist movement worked tirelessly to make the fulltime homemaker dissatisfied with her role. A job in the labor force is upheld as so much more fulfilling than tending babies and preparing dinner for a hard-working husband.
  • Harvard Professor Harvey Mansfield's book entitled Manliness includes a most informative chapter called "Womanly Nihilism." Mansfield rightly concludes that the 20th-century feminist intellectuals, such as Simone de Beauvoir, Betty Friedan, Kate Millett and Germaine Greer, wanted independence not only from men, but from morality and from human nature and motherhood.
  • That's what the feminist movement did to America. All those impressive statistics about women holding well-paying jobs and receiving college degrees will not produce happy women as long as 39% of children are born to unmarried mothers who lack a loving husband.
Government's Role in Marriage
  • The feminists also reject choice in gender roles.   According to feminist ideology, the only gender-specific characteristic is that men are naturally batterers who make all women victims. 
  • Women's Studies courses require students to accept as an article of faith the silly notion that gender differences are not natural or biological but are social constructs created by the patriarchy and ancient stereotypes.
  • The feminists have carried on a long-running campaign to make husbands and fathers irrelevant and unnecessary except to provide a paycheck. Most divorces are initiated by women.
  • More women than men request same-sex marriage licenses in Massachusetts so that, with two affirmative-action jobs plus in vitro fertilization, they can create a "family" without husbands or fathers.
  • With easy divorce and illegitimacy (39% of American births are now born to single moms), millions of women are raising kids without a husband and therefore expect Big Brother government to substitute as provider. 
  • So Feminists demand that the taxpayers provide high-quality daycare and paid family leave, that new laws prohibit employers from ordering women to work overtime (as men are often required to do).
Attitude is the problem with feminists; as long as they believe they are victims of an oppressive patriarchy, they will never be successful. 


  1. Part 1 of 2

    Let's have some reality here shall we -

    The Rise and Fall of Feminism/Female Domination

    Dec 2009

    The Male Contraceptive Pill; and Freedom For Men -

    The male pill is on it’s way, and will be with us in less than 5 years, if not from the US or Britain, then from China and India.

    The pill for men will be the biggest step for freedom that men have ever had - freedom from the serfdom imposed by fatherhood. So if the present tyrannical feminist British women want their babies, they will have to offer a far better deal to men than at present.

    For example -

    The present marriage laws, and the infamous and secret ‘family courts’ will have to go, and quickly, and the dictatorial marriage and ‘common law’ marriage expectations drastically changed.
    The constant demeaning of masculinity, particularly on TV in programs such as ‘One Foot in the Grave’, ‘Men Behaving Badly’ and the present ‘soaps’ in general, where men habitually behave in an infantile manner, and are presented in an appalling way, will have to be recognised as highly offensive to men, and dispensed with.
    The most powerful of the British feminist weapons - the wild and malicious accusations of ‘rape’ and ‘child sex’ - will have to be brought back under civilized law where the accuser will be required to have hard evidence and be held responsible for their actions, both in the making of the accusation, and their part in the incident. The male sex drive is an extremely powerful force, and a woman who provokes it to the point where a man loses his self-control that woman must accept some of the blame. The accused will have to be considered innocent until - and if - proven guilty.

    The Rise of Woman's Dominance -

    As far as I know never before in human history has woman obtained such a dominant position in society, and I have puzzled over this for many years. To reason this out I considered that the dominance must coincide with a recent new event, and the rise of science is the most noticeable over the last 100 years.

    It seems that the science events most effecting women’s position in society are the invention of domestic labour saving devices - making the ‘housewife’ redundant, the invention of mechanised work equipment - making the ‘male upper body’ strength requirement redundant in the workplace, and - most significantly - the invention of the female contraception pill which gave a woman political power over men by either withholding sex, which she has always been able to do, or rewarding with sex, which for the fear of unwanted pregnancy, she has never been able to do before. It should be noted that recent social science research has found that giving rewards has far more impact on behaviour than giving punishments, which soon lose their effects altogether.

    The female contraceptive pill in the 1960s Britain gave British women direct power over sex availability without fear of pregnancy for the first time in human history. There was a popular phrase in the 1960s - 'free love', but there was nothing 'free' about the 'free love' of the 1960s. It came at a price, a price controlled and set by women who seized upon this new 'pillow power' with vigour; and some have used this power - unwisely - to disadvantage men in every way possible, thus asserting a position of dominance over men in which she has reduced them to a level of disadvantaged cowed subservience - and infantile behaviour in an attempt to present themselves as children entitled to the protection of the maternal instinct.

    The ‘Mad Maternal Instinct’ - the all powerful evolutionary force in women that regards masculine Men as simple mating objects when in lust, and when not, as dangerous predators to be avoided or driven off and away from the precious family group.

    Continued -

  2. Part 2 of 2

    The Decline of Dominance and Re-establishment of Equality -

    The timing of the 1960’s pill and ten years later, the recognition of the feminist movement is an incident that supports the view that they are connected in a cause and effect relationship, but via a third factor.

    I would argue that the dominance by women is not a result of feminism, but of the 1960’s pill. Feminism developed out of this dominance. Once the dominance is removed, feminism will dwindle and demise.

    The 1960’s pill does give an advantage and dominance via the reward of sex to men. But with an equivalent male contraceptive pill, men can make it quite clear that they are not prepared to have children unless they want to, and are offered a satisfactory position in the family group and society - enforced by law. This would equalise the woman’s power over men’s sex drive with the man’s power over the maternal instinct; and the need to breed. Hence the counter balancing of the power given to women - ironically by male scientists! - by the 1960’s female contraceptive pill.

    Once the power of the 1960s female pill is counterbalanced - equalized - by the male pill this yoke of female dominance is likely to be flung off with surprising speed, and retribution and revenge on the British feminist female - and feminist male - is likely to be wreaked, as some wiser and more sensible women have been aware of for some time.

    Today belongs to feminism, but tomorrow belongs to Men.