Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Equal Parenting Amendment - Press Conference Highlights

I apologize for this tardy post.  It has taken me some time to get a copy of this 2009 Jun17 Press Conference held following the First Reading of PMB-C422, introduced by Saskatchewan-Wanuskewin MP, Mr. Maurice VELLACOTT (Cons) with the co-sponsorship of two Quebec members - Laval-Les Iles MP, Mme. Raymonde FALCO (Lib) and Levis-Bellchasse MP, M. Steven BLANEY (Cons).

It is worthwhile viewing all of them as I do not think the Press Conference was widely broadcast and it is quite interesting to see the broad public and political support in Quebec.   In addition, Quebec spokesperson Lise BILODEAU,  ANCQ (L’ACTION DES NOUVELLES CONJOINTES ET NOUVEAUX CONJOINTS DU QUÉBEC) as well as Mme. FALCO and M. BLANEY made of number of important points (in French) in their brief comments.   In addition, the only questions asked was from a member of the french Press - indicating the high level of interest by Quebec on the issue of Equal Parenting

Here are the links:
Clip 1 - Introduction by MP Maurice VELLACOTT (5:52)
Clip 2 - comments by Kristin TITUS, Co-President CEPC (Cdn Equal Parenting Council) (2:49)
Clip 3 - comments by John MENEER, Director CEPC (2:11)
Clip 4 - comments (in french) by Lise BILODEAU, President ANCQ (2:14)
Clip 5 - comments (in french) by MP Raymonde FALCO (3:53)
Clip 6 - comments (in french) by MP Steven BLANEY (3.21) 
Clip 7 - Closing Remarks by MP Maurice VELLACOTT (2:13)
Clip 8 - Q&A (in french) (7:40)

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