Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mr. Big fails again - 14 years later

Yesterday, 39 year old Manitoba man, Kyle UNGER was exonerated for a murder he did not commit but spent 14 years in prison for. He was yet another victim in a series of controversial acquittals that have called into question the RCMP's use of the Mr. BIG "sting" operation. Unlike others, he was not offered any compensation for wrongful prosecution on the grounds that he filed a confession in an attempt to negotiate more favourable terms with the Crown during his trial long ago. Despite his professed innocence, that coaxed "confession" barred him from a suit for "malicious prosecution".

Undoubtedly, this acquittal will bring the "Mr. Big" practice under further review and perhaps require  limitations on it's use - like where there is real, corroborating physical evidence linking a suspect to a crime.

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