Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nancy COOPER Murder - 1 year later

Newspapers in Raleigh NC continue to publicize all of the summonses the Raleigh/Durham Police make in gathering evidence against the prime suspect - her former husband, Brad. The latest refer to subpoena's for computer hard-drives.

On the anniversary of her death - July 15 - Nancy COOPERS parents, Gary & Donna RENTZ of Edmonton AB were in Raleigh NC to witness the inaugural fun-run to raise money for women affected by IPV.

Brad denies involvement in his former wife's death but according to police - he has not been "cooperative" (which could mean not answering questions without a lawyer present). Because of the couple's Canadian roots there is a lot of interest in this case. Nancy father Gary was a fairly high up manager within Alberta Family Services for a number of years.

Here is some comments about the case from a Canadian advocate for stronger parole conditions by Carolyn Gardner who's sister was murdered by a violent serial killer in Toronto in 1989. She has no connection apart from being a vociferous supporter of prosecutions for IPV. (Hard to argue with so long as it is not gender biased.)

Another news item was this:
A woman who helped in the rape, torture and murder of an Alberta man has requested full parole, according to Parole Board documents. Yvonne Johnson, who has been helping care for two grandchildren on day parole, has been treated for depression. She was convicted of first-degree murder for her part in the death of Leonard (Chuck) Skwarok in a basement in Wetaskiwin, Alta., in 1989.
There was a fair bit of disagreement about Yvonne JOHNSON take on Chuck from his family at

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