Friday, August 28, 2009

Lovesick - how do men decide to get married

Dr. Helen interviews Alex WELLEN about his book "Lovesick" where he explores how men make the decision to marry. This segment is called "July 31, 2009 - Marriage Myths Dispelled and Does Size (of The Ring) Really Matter?".
  • He wrote it because felt there was a misconception about how men feel about marriage - do they have fear of commitment, feel boxed in, or feel lack of assets/employment disqualifies them?.
  • This is actually a novel - despite doing research that led him to interview many men about their experiences and decisions.
  • Questions about doubts about future risks of marriage - worry about divorce, kids, assets etc.
  • Seem to get alot of advice from parents, not peers. As well as feedback about their "selection".
  • What advice did you find useful? How do men "assess" the right women - points, others opinions, rational/analytical processes?
  • What do men get from this? To read a book! (Catcher in the Rye?) that they can identify with.
Alex is an occasional writer with the NYTimes and was a senior producer for CNN "The Situation Room with Wolf BLITZER" - here was one of his pieces I found interesting.

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