Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Dads on the Air - Canadian Show

I recently learned about a top rated radio program for fathers in Australia called Dad's on the Air (www.dadsontheair.net) because tonight they were supposed to be streaming a live radio show over the internet with a number of high profile Canadian Guests. (Unfortunately, I could not get the feed. I am sure I can listen to the podcast in a few days and will link whe available. The program airs on www.893fm.com.au.)

Anyways, the show runs weekly and podcasts each program. A few weeks ago (July 7, 2009) they featured Canadian MP, Maurice VELLACOTT - who of course is the sponsor of C422 - The Equal Parenting amendment. He was ok.

Much more interesting in my opinion were the 2 other guests - Michael Green and Sue Price.

Sue PRICE is a director of The Men's Rights Agency, and she gace an interesting rundown of the Australian Ombudsman's Office recent negative review of the Child Support Agency (CSA) which found poor and inconsistently followed protocols. It was Deja Vue all over again and felt just like home!

Michael GREEN has co-written a book on Shared Parenting, just published in the USA. He spoke at length about the benefits of Shared Parenting.

This is a group worth hearing.

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