Saturday, June 06, 2009

Lowering the bar - Legal Humour

This blog features Legal Humour.

This really hit the spot after reporting the case of a woman -Janine Sugawara - seeking damages from Pepsico General Foods division for "misrepresentation" as she bought "Capt'n Crunch Crunchberry" cereal and was "*shocked and dismayed" that it contained no fruit!   Apparently the blow-up image on the cover that clearly showed the "Crunchberry to be fluorescent hued cereal" or the content listing which made no mention of any fruit, reconstituted or otherwise - was insufficient to inform her of the unreasonableness of her conjecture.  Furthermore, a quick check on the Internet provides no legitimate reference to any fruit called "crunchberry's".  

The judge threw the case out of court, reminding her that this was pretty much the same result she had received from her previous tort, that "Frootloops" did not contain "Froot".

*[Editor: Sorry that was my quote as such lack of guile always reminds me of Claude RAINS line in classic film "Casablanca".]

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