Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lance ARMSTRONG ex-wife's book about Divorce

I am a Christian, but not of the Evangelical persuasion - however a Christian-oriented Network called CTS began broadcasting in Edmonton & Calgary about 1 year ago and I really enjoy the Public Affairs/Opinion "Micheal COREN Show" that airs each weeknight.   The network is almost an anachronism as it does not offer the traditional pornography and profanity-laced programming of the mainstream networks - which is very welcome - but more importantly they are NOT afraid to address so many of the important non-PC issues affecting family and society today.   Of course they have a predominantly Christian viewpoint that many people disdain - but I do not.  I welcome a morally principled perspective to counteract the "freedom unhinged" stance presented by - what for the most part to be -  a secular atheistic left-wing/liberal mainstream media!

I caught this clip by accident as I tend not to watch the "fall-to-your knees and pray" evangelical shows but used to be a big fan of "Le Tour de France" so I paused when I saw this interview with Kristen ARMSTRONG about her recent book in which she describes the "life lessons" she learned from her divorce from famous cyclist husband, Lance ARMSTRONG.

It is a great clip because she discusses openly and honestly with the right blend of humility and self-introspection or perspective that anyone who has become divorced SHOULD have.  

Her comment that really struck me was that she said - in the aftermath of her divorce - she realized that she had confused confidence with arrogance!   When have I ever heard a "modern feminist women" admit that she might have shared some of the blame for the disintegration of their marriage.   The host James ROBINSON opens with the topic of FORGIVENESS and I was shocked as it has often occurred to me that this is one of the major issues underlying recovery from divorce.   As well it reminds me of the famous maxim:
"To err is human, to forgive divine"  
An Essay on Cricism by Alexander POPE  (1688-1744)
I plan on buying this book!

And I also recommend listening to this clip to get a taste of her advice (her interview is the initial 17 of 30 minutes total length, after that it is an infomercial for the Christian Ministry).  There is a Christian "PTL" angle but this does not mean these comments are irrelevant.   

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