Wednesday, May 27, 2009

National crisis as female doctors work less than men

This article came out over 1 week ago but I did not have time to blog about it. It is instructive because it reveals what many know to be the case about women. They work less than men. That should not be hard to say - but even when faced with objective proof Feminists "shoot the messenger" of such heresy.

The upshot of this discovery is that Canada faces a looming shortage of doctors.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tori STAFFORD - the second guessing begins.

Arrests of a 28 yrs old man Micheal Rafferty and his 18 yr old girlfriend, Terri-Lynne McClintic as suspects in the abduction and murder of 8yr old Victoria "Tori" STAFFORD were all over the news tonight.  It was nonetheless a very sad and  shocking development.  Police were very quiet on details and apparently no body has been found yet - so it is not exactly clear what kind of evidence led to the Police to take lay charges and arrest the pair.   Presumably (I hope!) someone made a confession or some  damming evidence was found that demanded action. 

Prepare now for the mortification.  And why not?  The life a young child has been snuffed out.   However, are readers prepared to vilify the women in this tragedy?  The Toronto Star with a keen sense of the public's desire to make sense of the senseless is pumping up the tawdry angles, with these articles about McClintic's "stripper" single mom and Rafferty's "infidelities" ("Life of bars, cars and women" which as far as I can tell occurred when I would think he was just learning to shave, 10yrs ago!)  

However I maintain that such superficial accounts are useless.    The understate the complexity's of the families involved.   But a recurring theme is they are ALL BROKEN FAMILIES, Tori STAFFORD's included.  Here are some excerpts from "Terri-Lynne McClintic from a broken home".
  • Terri-Lynne McClintic, 18, accused of being the mysterious woman in the white puffy coat who lured Tori Stafford, 8, to her death, moved back to Woodstock three years ago with her mother, Carol, according to her grandmother, Nancy McClintic, and her adoptive father, Rob McClintic.
  • Her mother (Carol) was a stripper, her adoptive father (Rob) a long-distance trucker who last saw his daughter when she was about 6 years old. [Ed: Terri-Lynne was 6 in 1997. ]
  • The last time Rob saw his adopted daughter (Terri-Lynne) was in court to say goodbye when she was maybe 6 or 7 years old, he said. Over the years, he has continued to pay child support. [Ed: Inconsistent, he just said he last saw her when she was 6 - what dates is he talking about?] 
  • Rob had lived with his wife (Carol) and Terri-Lynne until she was about 2 1/2. "We split up and then (Carol) disappeared with Terri-Lynne." [Ed: That would date Terri-Lynne "disappearance" at September 1993? Please elaborate on "disappeared" - did she move without telling you where she was going, or did you stop trying to find out?  For how long did she "disappear"?   Obviously contact was re-established at some point as Rob confirms he saw her last at age 6 (in 1997). ]
  • Carol had family in Strathroy and Brampton. Her family name was Sandford. She worked as a stripper under the surname Breese.  [Ed: Do we have another verification she was a "stripper" or is that a unfair character assassination?   Is a stripper the same as a cocktail waitress or working in a topless bar? Which is worse?  Yet I wonder at potential double standards.  If Rob was a "Chippendale" - similar to Carol being a stripper - would he have retained sole custody of their child like she did?]
  • But how Terri-Lynne grew up was unknown to him. Except for the support payments, it was as if she no longer existed – until yesterday, when he heard news of her arrest.  [Ed: Rob has stated separately that Terri-Lynne "disappeared"  at age 2 1/2, but he then saw her again when she was 6-7 years old.   What was the exact period he lost contact?  Is it possible he had some information about her location but failed to follow-up?]
  • Terri-Lynne was a sweet girl, said her grandmother (Nancy). She and her husband – who died a decade ago – tried to have some contact with her, but Carol prevented it. "I haven't seen her since she was 7 or 8."   [Ed: By my math Terri-Lynne was 8 when Nancy's husband died (1999) so was it the case she has NOT had contact since then, as that would seem to mean she did have contact before her husband died?]
  • Says Rob McClintic: "She's no blood of mine. This just amazes and sickens me. I can't even run over a squirrel on the highway."  [Ed: This final disavowal is unbecoming.  He is rejecting any responsibility for her turning out "bad".  This girl was his step-daughter for the first 2.5 years of her life.  She was not his daughter through "nature" (genetics)  OR "nurture" (his influence as parent during her early childhood and formative teen years).   Of course with Ontario's "Family Responsibility Office's" services he would have had little choice not to have paid child support.]

Feminism is still assaulting academia

Barbara KAY knocks it out of the park again.

If I were writing a novel illustrating the sad decline of academic integrity on campus, here's the scenario I would concoct:   My protagonist would be a female opinion journalist of a certain age. Call her "Barbara."


I'd open with Barbara at, say, the University of Western Ontario (UWO), attending the annual general meeting of a hardy remnant of scholars from academia's golden age: accomplished, disinterested, ruthlessly honest academics united in visceral contempt for those of their peers who are willing to bend and manipulate the truth to serve their ideological ends -- ends like, say, the pursuit of gender equity at the expense of intellectual merit and academic professionalism.


Now, this group of honest academics -- let's call it the Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship (SAFS) -- would be so dedicated to the principle of free intellectual exchange that it would have invited a feminist from the university's Women's Caucus to make her case that women in academia still haven't achieved real equity on campus.


You've doubtless realized this putative novel is a roman a clef. For this exact scenario happened in real life last Saturday. Professor Jane Toswell of the UWO's English department spoke at SAFS's annual general meeting, presenting "evidence" that women still draw the short straw in academia.


Some of it was comical: eye-rolling trivia, like freeze-frames of "sexualized" acrobatic student cheerleaders spread-eagled in mid-air. But the more disturbing heart of her presentation was her take on what happened to the four UWO female authors of the 1989 Chilly Climate Report.

Do you remember the Chilly Climate Report? On the basis of 35 interviews with female grad students and faculty, the report, written by four militant feminists, concluded 10% of female faculty "had experiences at Western that diminished them as women and academics, making for a chilly work climate."


Chilly Climate was conceived as a pilot project, with annual studies to follow, proving that the sexism they'd uncovered was systemic throughout academia everywhere.


But the report was a travesty of real scholarship and a terrible distortion of UWO's progressive reality. Its 35 women subjects (no male faculty or grad students were interviewed) were granted total anonymity, so their accusations, almost entirely grounded in subjectivity -- feelings and perception rather than precisely described facts or incidents -- could not be verified.


Professor Toswell had the naivete or temerity, in this roomful of UWO academics who knew the history of the report better than anyone else in Canada , to argue that the negative fallout from the report had prevented all four authors -- Alison Wylie, Constance Backhouse, Roma Harris and Gillian Michell -- from continuing on a "normal career path." Her implication was that all four had suffered professional disaster as a direct result of their courage in speaking truth to power. Nothing could be further from the truth.


In fact, here is what really happened: There was a short squall of intra-campus blowback and negative media reaction. That ended abruptly with the timely shock of the entirely unrelated Montreal Massacre, which the women parlayed into professional gold with unseemly rapacity.

The "gang of four" were then invited to speak before many learned societies and professional associations, as well as at symposia and conferences in the U. S. , Australia , the U. K. and Norway , where their grievance spiel was warmly received. Thus, far from being marginalized from academic life, the report's writers were now elevated beyond their intellectual achievement niche.


Gillian Michell, who according to Toswell "disappeared" from academic life (implying, with no supporting evidence, she was run out of town), now lives, as a cursory Google search would have informed Professor Toswell, in Albuquerque, N. M., where she holds an apparently secure position in library administration.


Constance Backhouse left UWO in 2000, 11 years after the report's publication, and is currently distinguished university professor and university research chair in the University of Ottawa 's law faculty. A fellow of the Royal Society with an Order of Canada, she won the $100,000 Killam Prize in 2008, setting her amongst the most honoured of Canadian academics.


Alison Wylie was promoted to full professorship in 1993, then left for top-ranked universities in the US, bagging a fellowship at Stanford and visiting appointments at Paris , Berkeley and Cambridge . She is currently a professor of philosophy at Washington University .

Roma Harris was named acting dean of UWO's School of Library and Information Studies in 1993 and then vice-provost (academic programs and students) in 1995. Her salary in 2008 was $172,000, placing her amongst the highest-paid 2% to 3% of Ontario academics.


If Toswell were honest, she'd admit that feminist scholarship -- bad scholarship -- propelled three of the four women to major victories in contemporary academic life's stiff competition for scarce rewards. The fourth is gainfully and securely employed in her field, which is more than a slew of highly qualified male academics, who are passed over for jobs in the name of a needless gender equity tyranny, can say.

Somebody really should write a novel illuminating the still-proliferating negative effects of feminism on academic life. I wonder, though, under what category it would be stocked at bookstores. Unsolved Mysteries, perhaps?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

BBC Radio Debunks DV Propaganda - May 15, 2009

This weekly BBC radio programme called "More or Less" covers mathematics and the world of statistics in daily life. It's host is "undercover economist" Tim Harford.

The May 15, 2009 podcast (13mb, 28 mins) addresses the often heard "false factoid" regarding the incidence and severity of Domestic Violence data in Britain (ie. DV is the leading cause of death for women aged 15-44)  broadcast on BBC 10PM newscast in March 2009 - and thoroughly debunks it.   It notes how such figures metastasized quickly without much concern for accuracy, veracity and context - but does little else to trap the purveyors of such propaganda - which is the real crime.    They do find these "factoids" quoted all over official documentation in the Ministry's of Justices, Social Services, CSO and elsewhere.    They are among the most pervasively promulgated lies imaginable - but little effort seems to have been taken to stamp then out.   I think the real story would have examined how such "factoids" are themselves generated at the BBC News department - but that might be asking too much.

It is worth a listen.

Lance ARMSTRONG ex-wife's book about Divorce

I am a Christian, but not of the Evangelical persuasion - however a Christian-oriented Network called CTS began broadcasting in Edmonton & Calgary about 1 year ago and I really enjoy the Public Affairs/Opinion "Micheal COREN Show" that airs each weeknight.   The network is almost an anachronism as it does not offer the traditional pornography and profanity-laced programming of the mainstream networks - which is very welcome - but more importantly they are NOT afraid to address so many of the important non-PC issues affecting family and society today.   Of course they have a predominantly Christian viewpoint that many people disdain - but I do not.  I welcome a morally principled perspective to counteract the "freedom unhinged" stance presented by - what for the most part to be -  a secular atheistic left-wing/liberal mainstream media!

I caught this clip by accident as I tend not to watch the "fall-to-your knees and pray" evangelical shows but used to be a big fan of "Le Tour de France" so I paused when I saw this interview with Kristen ARMSTRONG about her recent book in which she describes the "life lessons" she learned from her divorce from famous cyclist husband, Lance ARMSTRONG.

It is a great clip because she discusses openly and honestly with the right blend of humility and self-introspection or perspective that anyone who has become divorced SHOULD have.  

Her comment that really struck me was that she said - in the aftermath of her divorce - she realized that she had confused confidence with arrogance!   When have I ever heard a "modern feminist women" admit that she might have shared some of the blame for the disintegration of their marriage.   The host James ROBINSON opens with the topic of FORGIVENESS and I was shocked as it has often occurred to me that this is one of the major issues underlying recovery from divorce.   As well it reminds me of the famous maxim:
"To err is human, to forgive divine"  
An Essay on Cricism by Alexander POPE  (1688-1744)
I plan on buying this book!

And I also recommend listening to this clip to get a taste of her advice (her interview is the initial 17 of 30 minutes total length, after that it is an infomercial for the Christian Ministry).  There is a Christian "PTL" angle but this does not mean these comments are irrelevant.   

Edmonton cabbie sues over false sexual assault allegations

Can anyone guess what would have happened if he did not have the camera?   If this is not an example of police victimizing men - I don't know what is?

Friday, May 08, 2009

One Sick Momma

I thought this was a joke or a portayal of a "fantasy/dream sequence" in a film when I first read this.     But, no - it appears to be part of "Positive Justification" why Ontario has dramatically changed its adoption laws, and mandated opening up records.

Here is the intro:
ADOPTION Genetic sexual attraction of Forbidden love
Pull of attraction felt between adoptees, biological family members
Last Updated: Thursday, May 7, 2009 | 10:59 AM ET CBC News

When blood relatives reunite for the first time, they sometimes feel attracted to each other. Two weeks after Sally reunited with her biological son, she began to have sexual feelings for him.

"This is feeling really bizarre, but I think I'm falling in love with this person," she recalls thinking.

Sally, whose name has been changed to protect her identity, had given up her son for adoption when she was 16, but vowed as she cradled the little boy swaddled in a blanket that she would someday, somehow become part of his life again. She never imagined that their reunion some 30 years later would lead to a sexual relationship.

After their first meeting, the two found themselves spending more and more time together. "We kind of gave ourselves permission to do more hugging," said Sally in an interview with CBC's The Current. Eventually, it progressed into a sexual relationship.

"I do remember the night we did and it was amazing … the most amazing thing I've ever experienced," Sally says. "He said, 'I've finally found the most perfect person in the world for me in every way and she turned out to be my mother.'"

Sally's not alone in feeling a deep attraction to a blood relative upon meeting as adults for the first time.

Genetic sexual attraction, or GSA as it's called, is a little known consequence of reunions with adoptees and their biological family members, where attraction is felt and sometimes acted upon. It has been known to happen between mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, uncles and nieces, and even same-sex relatives.

While recognized by some adoption agencies and psychologists, there is little information on the subject. As Ontario, Canada's most populous province, gets set to become the fifth province to open its adoption records on June 1, there are calls for more education and support on GSA.

Though some adoptees and birth parents will likely use their power to veto access to their files, the change of law holds the possibility of affecting some 250,000 children officially adopted in the province in the past 88 years.
So, she finds her lost son and sparks her sexual relationship with her son - and that is GOOD? Sorry, that is ONE SICK MOMMA.  I would BET good money that if a Father attempted to get close to his lost child/daughter this way, he would not be held up as an example of paternal care by the media.  

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sir Bob Geldof on Courts bias against Fathers

Heads-up from Mike MURPHY, ParentalAlienationCanada blog.

Sir Bob presents a personal narrative to his and other men's shock at finding out they are not considered necessary parents to their kids. Archived at EvenToddlers, this dated (2004) video - sadly - doesn't sound very different from today in Canada (or the UK. Australia seems to have made huge leaps forwards since introducing "the presumption of shared parenting" in it's new Family Law Act in 2007) .

This is one of many YouTube video's compiled by UK Dad, Kingsley MILLER to support fathers arguments in achieving reasonable custody arrangements in the UK. He makes some excellent rejoinders to help combat regressive arguments by Judges and Feminist "Divorce Industry" proponents. He also has

I hope to create a summary of the main issues/points in the future. Until then, I suggest anyone who is in the midst of a custody hearing (I hesitate to say "battle" because once you understand it to be that way, you may already be lost) review some of MILLAR's video's online. (They are a bit ponderous, as they are mostly "highlight" graphics and read-overs, meant to be played to a court/judge.) Once you get over the delivery idea you can start picking out some relevant facts for arguments.

Also, some disturbing stats that reflect the negative impacts of removing fathers from the lives of their children (goto
  • 100 british children a day lose contact or partial contact with one parent. (Based on DCA figures 2001)
  • 40% of british children have no contact with their father after 2 years of separation (Although more robust surveys place between 15-28%. University of Oxford - Dept of Social Policy & Social Work, Family Policy Briefing - January 2004)
  • 40% of british mothers admit to thwarting contact to punish a former partner. (Dept of Social Services Survey 1998)
  • In 2002, 61,000 contact orders were made (UK Ministry of Justice/Dept of Constitutional Affairs, Judicial Statistics 2002 Table 5.3) and yet in 2003 the (London UK) Times newspaper estimated that 50% of such orders were flouted with impunity.
  • "Lady Justice Arden, sitting with Lord Justice Thorpe and Lord Justice Lawrence Collins, said this was not a violation of the father's rights to family life under the Human Rights Act because he had no rights to be violated." (Daily Telegraph 2007NOV27 "Mother allowed to keep baby secret from father")

Friday, May 01, 2009

The Hyundai Ad You'll Never See

Warning:  F-Bomb attached

Victims of forensic pathologist Charles SMITH's

The Supreme Court yesterday announced that Tammy MARQUARDT's case will be reopened. She is the 13th and last wrongful victim of disgraced pathologist Dr. Charles SMITH.  The 37-yr old women has been in prison for 14 years for allegedly murdering her 2yr old son - which she always denied and refused to accept any plea-bargain offered by the crown at the time of her trial.

Dr. Smith, who was once considered the top in his field, told Marquardt's 1995 trial that two-year-old Kenneth Wynne died from asphyxia after being smothered or strangled.  Six experts have since discredited Mr. Smith's findings.  An inquiry was called into Ontario's pediatric forensic pathology system after a provincial review concluded Mr. Smith made serious errors in 20 of 45 criminally suspicious deaths he investigated from 1991 to 2001. The review called into question criminal convictions in 13 of the cases.

As her lawyer, James LOCKYER - founding director of the Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted -  stated afterwards, "She didn't kill her son, it's pretty simple."

Canadian Dads Internet Radio Show

Hey I just got this heads-up from the CEPC discussion list.

Dave FLOOK of London ON (F4J Team) is starting an internet call-in radio show for Men as an offshoot of his website.  

It will run Sundays 1800-1930h EST - callin line is  519-680-3932 and he plans on starting this Sunday May 3, 2009.   (Details will be at the website)

Stay tuned!