Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sex Selection - China vs. Immigrant communities in Canada

This article in the NYTimes highlights a study in the British Medical Journal that projects how social engineering in China (decades old "One Child" policies) continue to encourage couples to abort female fetuses in favour of male children.  They speculate that the male/female imbalance for U20 population (admittedly only based on a small 1% sample of the population) is 32 million boys.

The normal male/female sex ratio of births is 103-107:100.   Due to males higher mortality rates this tends to lead to a balanced 1:1 ratio during the key reproductive ages.   In some areas of China that still practice a "one child" polic, the sex ratio deviates from this in favour of boys as much as 126:100 for first births to 146:100 for second births.    The NYT article goes on to note that such extremes have existed elswhere - such as South Korea in the 1990's - but have now been addressed and ratios are back to normal.   China has recently begun another public campaign to encourage couples to be nice to their daughters. 

In this article at the (online) Western Standard, Andrea MROZEK did some research on the sex ratio's in high concentration immigrant communties across the country and found some evidence of "sex selection" having taken place, as m/f ratios were 112:100.  MROZEK goes on to quote Joyce Arthur, spokeswoman for the pro-choice Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, that there are no reasons to reject "a womens rights to choose" - even if she seeks to terminate a pregnancy because the fetus has been diagnosed with a genetic disorder, or even because it's a product of rape, or she want to select the sex of their fetus.    There is a sad irony that in defending a womens right to choose, they may choose a to have a boy over a girl.

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