Thursday, April 23, 2009

Barbara KAY hits it out of the park - again!

I love this women - and what prose!

Barbara has reviewed Jamie GLAZOV's new book "United in Hate: The left's Romance with Tyranny and Terror."

GLASOV has attempted to explain how leftists become so enamoured with totalitarian regimes like Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot. He refers to the condition as the "Believers Paradox".

The Believer begins with an acute sense of alienation from his own society. He yearns for "redemption" and so does not seek truth but submission to a movement "where no individuality exists and therefore human estrangement is impossible". The price of acceptance for such a "cultural orphan" is amputation of residual emotional ties to his own society. [Editor: Does this not recall the teen social outcasts that became the Columbine Duo?] Once inducted, losing membership is unthinkable - so they stop thinking. Logical and moral contradictions dissappear. Utopian ideololgy takes over. Suffocation of free speech, arbitary imprisonment, gulags, and so on becomes acceptable.

GLASOV has a special perspectve on this as his parents were "real" Russian Dissidents who actually risked their lives by telling even 1 truth. When the arrived in America after the wall fell, they were shocked to discover pseudo-intellectuals with all the freedoms they had lacked demonizing their own society! In special critiques, he reserves contempt for Islamist Feminists, Israel-hating Jews (aka "Useful Jihidiots") and others.

I can hardly wait until I can get around to read it. Here are some excerpts.

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