Thursday, April 30, 2009


April 26, Global Vancouver clip.  

Adam Cunningham died - 4weeks after being viciously assaulted by his wife Elie - of complications of his surgery from the wounds he received.   He was assaulted with a broken wine glass, received several deep puncture wounds to his  hands and legs and broke his ankle (trying to escape down the stairs?).  He was treated at hospital and moved into his mothers home and got a restraining order. His wife, Elie was charged with Domestic Assault.

His sister, Nikki Cunningham was dumbfounded at the attack but more distressed that his spouse may now go free as Adam, the only witness, is now dead.  That was the most recent advice of the crown prosecutor.

A friend of Adam, John Wynstra describes how absolutely terrified Adam was of his spouse.  John said he found it hard to understand how his former friend, "a big guy", was afraid but realized that it was an honest fear.

Next court appearance is May 15.

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