Sunday, February 15, 2009

Soldier who committed suicide in N.S. had twice served in Iraq

Certainly, there is more to this story. Again, there are more questions ignored or withheld than explained in this news article.
  • Parents - father in Norfolk VA , mother in Bridgewater NS. No one asks why?
  • Young man on leave after 2nd tour goes AWOL - no one suggests Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is possible and might have messed with his head - certainly no one at the RCMP seems to take it into account.
  • Look's like death by cop - RCMP happy to oblige.
  • In case Bridgewater seemed vaguely familiar? It should. It is where Karrissa BOUDREAU was murdered by her mother a year ago on Jan 29, 2008.
Yes, suicide rates are up to 20 per 100,000 - double civilian rates - but the stress these fellows (mostly) are under is very high. Was Lance Cpl. Timothy G. Scott attempting to connect with his mother to say hello or goodbye? I hope we will be able to tell soon.

other alternative background

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